Week recap

June 16, 2018

 Last Sunday I decided to take a little social media break but don't worry I still snapped pictures of our week! It definitely was nice taking a little break from it all. I can absolutely get caught up in the comparison game and feeling like I'm not good enough and doing everything wrong. So it was nice just to enjoy my family this week and be present. BUT I missed everyone! I missed being a part of your lives and you all being a part of ours! A social media detox was nice and I will probably do it again, but maybe not for a whole week! 

So since I wasn't checking my phone all the time we had some time to actually do things. I hate to admit how much time I actually have my nose in my phone, so this past week was a huge eye opener! I'll be honest I enjoy checking out for a bit and looking at Instagram and I still will.....but not all day long. 😉

So we spent time making cookies. 

And fixing broken doors. 

I said "yes" a lot more this week instead of "in a minute." 

And I think everyone enjoyed that a bit more. 

We played a bunch of board games,

And a couple twister tournaments. 

I said yes to playing in the mud.

And the babies learned how to drink out of the hose. 

This little peanut loved playing in the mud. 

I watched from the porch with a diet pepsi and I loved that. 

Goldie Jean learned all about making mud pies.

Dakota had a follow up eye appointment from his eye surgery and got a great report and the all clear to swim! So he was a happy guy. 

I love getting to sneak in some one on one time with the kiddos but this guy holds a special spot in my heart. Probably because we both share the middle child spot. 

We painted pictures. 

Goldie was quick to ditch the paper and just go straight to painting her fingernails. 

We had living room picnics and star wars movie marathons.

We had lots of baseball games.......during one of them this one decided to not use the bathroom (UGH!!) and go in his pants instead so he had to sit in the stroller of shame without pants until Uncle Andy showed up with a new pair. Potty training is definitely the part of motherhood I could do without. 

#2 is a pretty cute ball player. 

Goldie rocked her first ponytail this week,

and took on the role of assistant coach. 

Ugh little baseball players melt me! 


And finally this morning the big kids worked on the new kiwi crate that came the mail and Hemphill Hospital is currently seeing new patients. It was a nice week and a good mental health break but I would be lying if I didn't say I was happy to be connected again!