May 7, 2018

Hello sweet friends! Its been awhile! Bear with me as I remember how to use this sweet little blog of mine, poor girl has been pretty neglected over the past few months! 

The urge to blog has hit again and who knows how long it will stay. 😉 So while it's here I figured I better at least pop in and say hello! 

Things are still trucking along here, kids are still growing up even though I have politely asked them to stop. 

Homeschooling is still going really well. Sure we have our days but all and all its going good! We are about to finish up our 3rd year which is nuts to me! It has all gone by so fast! 

Goldie is still helping me parent the other kids.

We are all trying super hard to keep her our baby but she isn't having it. 

She is however a fabulous teacher and can often be found on a lap helping in anyway she can. 😊

So like I said nothing to exciting to report. Still teaching babies, raising babies, 

and trying my darnedest to keep Archer from cussing in public. 😉

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