December 18, 2017

I'm finally sitting down to type this late Sunday evening after a full day of church Christmas programs, the Nutcracker, and seeing family so if it doesn't make sense I'm sorry, this mama is tired! 

We started the morning off with Colton and Jacey in our church Christmas program. They did such a great job and it was a super cute program! All the kiddos sang loud and did a great job on their speaking parts. They all worked hard on it and it was so fun to watch! I would of had more pictures but the baby on my hip wasn't making it easy to take pictures. 

As soon as we were done with church I loaded up Colton, Jacey, Archer, and my sister and we headed out of town to watch my niece dance in the Nutcracker. 

Silly boys. 

Caroline did such a great job and she was the prettiest little dancer out there! 

Archer decided to skip out of pictures and just hang out with Papa. 

Katie and her kiddos.

Proud Bunny and Papa

Our sweet little dancer and her aunties. 

After the recital we headed to Freddy's for some burgers and ice cream. 
It's nuts that these kids are old enough to have a table to themselves. They had way to much fun hanging out without the adults. 

The rest of the crew. It was a quick trip to see everyone but I'm so glad we got to! Nathan stayed home with Dakota and Goldie and while I was driving home I got this text from Nathan.....

Dakota got to cash in a wish list item. 😊 I was worried he would be sad he decided not to come today but it looks like he had a plan all along. 😉

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