Slow moving Monday

December 12, 2017

Did anyone else feel like everyone and everything was functioning at about half speed today? It wasn't a bad Monday, but it was definitely a slow motion day. 

I was up bright and early because apparently my mind decided sleep wasn't a necessity today. The kids all slept in little longer than normal so it seemed like the perfect morning to make pancakes. 

Normally I'm a big fun hater but it seemed like everyone could use a pick me up so Christmas sprinkles with their pancakes seemed fitting. 

I decided before we started school we all needed to get outside for a bit. A walk in the field behind our house on a fresh cool morning was just what we needed today. At dinner tonight when we asked everyone's "good part of the day" they all said taking our hike this morning. 💗

Colt found some fur that needed to be investigated. 

Love this boy, always exploring. 

 Oh Dakota, a hanky and a walking stick are his go to exploring essentials. I know for sure this makes his Papa and Great Grandpa Max proud. 

Even though Goldie looks less than impressed I promise she was enjoying being outside. I love the fact that she still likes being worn in the ring sling, absolutely does my mama heart good! 

Archer looking like one of the big boys. 

Always making lists of what he finds outside. 

One last stop before we headed inside. We have two of our sweet dogs buried out back and the kids often go and visit. 

We finally made it back inside we all settled in for school.

Love this view and these hard working kids.  

Even little miss was working today....

for a little while anyway, then she needed to take care of her baby. 

And this lovely face is what she does when she is dancing now. 😄 I love it!

Such a good mama always loving on her babies. 

Dakota was needing a change of pace today so  I decided to try something a little different.  

And thankfully it worked out great! Sounding out short o words in his workbook was making him super frustrated and taking forever. But putting those same words on the white board and letting them shoot them with his Nerf gun put a smile on his face and he breezed right through them.  

See Goldie sitting back there in her box. Well actually that's her couch. Colton decided after school today that he needed to make some furniture that was her size. 

These two hung out in her new furniture most of the afternoon. They all definitely lucked out that Colton is their big brother, sure he can be ornery, but he will build furniture and rock a baby doll just to put a smile on their face. 

While I was making dinner this was what I found when I came around the corner. The three big kids are working on filling up a reading chart for the Book It program, and the babies joining right in.  Pizza is super motivating for all of them, they get that passion from their mama. 😉 

Finally we ended the day just like we started....mostly because I never put the griddle away when I made pancakes this morning, but grill cheese and tomato soup was a dinner request I was happy to fill on this slow moving Monday. 

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