Santa Visit

December 3, 2017

Saturday our sweet little town hosted it's annual breakfast with Santa. This is something my kiddos look forward to each year. Santa is always so sweet to them and makes sure all the kiddos feel special. When we pulled up Santa was standing outside, cooling off a bit, he isn't use to the heat! Anyway we pulled up and Jacey jumped out of the car and ran over to give him a hug and as she was racing to him he said " There you are! I have been waiting for you!". She smiled the whole rest of the day! 

Dakota didn't waste anytime and jumped right on his lap to let him know what he has been up to, and what he is hoping for this year. 

Jacey told him what she was hoping for and then sweetly asked where Mrs. Clause was. She has always been fond of "the grandma" and for the first few year she would only take pictures sitting with Mrs. Clause. Jacey definitely has a soft spot for little old grandmas and Mrs. Clause is at the top of her list. 

Colt was excited to finally give Santa a present that he has had wrapped and waiting for him for about 2 years now. His tired mom keeps forgetting to send it. 😉

Archer was more of a drive by Santa visitor this year. He would walk back and forth in front of Santa, a good arms length or two away from him mind you, and mumble under his breath that he would like a Paw Patrol this year. He did eventually give him a high five but never would actually speak to him. Goldie Jean.....well Goldie just enjoyed Santa from afar this year. As long as they weren't to close she was happy. I kind of love everything about this group picture. The three bigs happy and smiling, Archer is starting to panic, and Goldie is just mad as all get out. 

After the 2 littles let their emotions settle and had a nap Bunny and Papa happened to be passing through town and got to stop in for a bit. It was such a nice day out we spent the majority of the afternoon outside just sittin in the sunshine watching the kids play. 

This boy is always in this tree. 

After Goldie had her fill of dirt and chalk she snuggled right up in the chair and just kicked back and relaxed. She is such a funny girl. 

My bookend babes.....they have such a special bond. Pretty much anything Goldie needs Colton does it for her, and I think they both are okay with that. 

Even Little Pup, Papa's favorite child, enjoyed being outside with the kiddos. 😉

When it finally started to cool down outside these two took full advantage of Bunny and Papa coming inside to warm up! Lots of stories then a trip into town for pizza rounded out our pretty great Saturday.    

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