Kiwi Crate

December 15, 2017

We let the kiddos open an early Christmas present that came in the mail from Uncle Andy and Aunt April tonight.

They signed the kids up for Kiwi Crates

This is a subscription box that will come with different STEAM projects and activities. When I got on line to check it out I was so surprised to see that they had kits for ages 0-2 years on up to 16 years old! 

This month we got the rainbow optics kit and here is what we found inside. There are instructions for 3 projects, a comic box style story book to explain why the projects work, and a sticker poster to put a sticker on once you complete the projects each month. 

All the supplies laid out. In this crate the three projects are Mixing Colored Light, Projecting Colorful Shadows, and Playing with Rainbow Glasses.

The sticker sheet and Dakota. 

We decide for the first one we would do a little date night with the three big kids. So we put the babies to bed and got everything set up. 

The first project we did was Mixing Colored Light. Everything is laid out step by step with pictures and I defiantly think the three big kids could totally do this without any help.

But I think they had fun with dad helping too!

If you are needing a last minute Christmas gift I would absolutely recommend this. 

We got the second project done but decided to wait on the third one for when Archer was awake! 
He will love the rainbow glasses! So fun that they all can enjoy these! Thanks Uncle Andy and Aunt April!

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