Kids Wish List

December 17, 2017

A sweet friend posted on Facebook this morning sharing some sweet lists her kids had written up for Christmas. Now these weren't your ordinary list of toys and clothes, she had them make a list of what they wanted for Christmas but the only catch was that what they wanted couldn't come from a store.  I tell you what her kids had the most precious heart warming answers it just melted me! So I thought I would ask my big three kiddos just to see what was on their list.

Colton's list:
1. A white Christmas
2. To touch a real reindeer
3. Have Mogan sleepover
4. Write a book about my life

5. Make gifts for other people
6.Go on a nature walk with all the family
7. Sleep with mom and dad
8. Take a bath in the big bath tub by myself

Jacey's List:
1. Have Maycie come over and play
2. Paint on my canvas with real paint
3. Make cookies with Mom, Dad, Colton, Dakota, Archer, Goldie
4. Have a tea party with Mommy and Hunny Bunny (her stuffed rabbit)
5. Have a baking challenge with Caroline
6. Bubble bath in the big bath tub just me

Dakota's List:
(he drew pictures and told me what to write)
1. The kids make dinner without mom helping
2. Bubble bath in the big bath tub just with me
3. Wrestling with Daddy
4. Make cookies with just Mom
5. Nature walk with the whole family and the dogs. 

Thank you Stacie for sharing such a sweet idea! This will definitely be a new family tradition! 

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