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December 16, 2017

Ok folks, what do you do when mama is out for a much needed dinner with have a stay up past bed time chill night with dad and watch the Santa Clause 3.

 This little lady, she is ornery as all get out.  Seems like every time I took my eye off of her she was climbing up on the piano bench.

I know Miss J has seen this movie many times, but it still seems to keep her attention.  Oh, the magic of Christmas.

Four eyed middle boys (Dakota and I are both smack dab in the middle of our siblings) chillin on the couch and lookin good in our glasses!!!

Colt is obviously contemplating something....I think he is thinking about what to write to Jingle, our elf.  Then there is Archer, who knows what he is up to.   I think this was right before he started to try and tickle my toes.

Miss G posing for the camera, which she then took and proceeded to throw a fit when she would turn the camera off on my phone.

Miss J posing for one last picture before the movie was over and bed time.

So,  when mama is away the kids and Dad will stay up late, eat junk food, and watch a silly movie with a Papa Santa Clause (as Archer would say) in it.  

P.S.  This is Dad writing this time.

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