Holiday treats

December 13, 2017

If you decided to make holiday treats with 5 kid......  

Make sure you decide to do one that's super messy. 

And only set out just enough sprinkles for everyone to fight over. 

And make sure the baby is involved, because three baths in one day isn't enough. 

And throw a three year old in the mix. Make sure he sword fights with the pretzel sticks, and sticks both hands in the chocolate then claps. It truly is amazing to see how far the melted chocolate can fly. 

And throw a husband in the mix for good measure, because it's the holidays, why not!😉

Then admire the mess i mean masterpiece. 

Just look at all these delicious treats. All these wonderful treats that so loving had fingers licked and stuck back in the bowl. Pretzel rods that have been sucked on first so they are nice and soggy so that the chocolate sticks to them better. Treats that have been sneezed and cough on. Nice delicious treats. 

Make sure you make lots of holiday treats with lots of kids, it's lots of fun. 😊

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