Hands down favorite Nail polish...EVER

December 5, 2017

This post is super random and not very holiday related but I thought if anyone was needing an extra stocking stuffer or a little easy gift these might work just great! Now for those of you who are my friends know that 99 % of the time my nails are always painted. It's seriously super uncomfortable for me if they aren't. But I come by it honestly. My sweet Grandma always had the prettiest nails, normally painted a mauve or wine color, and they were super long. She always had them done perfectly and would one hundred percent call you out on it if yours weren't looking nice. There was many a time I would throw one of my sisters under the bus for their nails just to distract how bad mine were. 

Now this was back when I was skinny and tan, but my Grandma as always was put together. Big hair, painted nails, and some jewelry to make her sparkle. She was always looked incredible and when she passed away and I met my parents at the viewing, my mom had a jar of nail polish in her purse just in case she needed a touch up. 💗

Now big hair, painted nails, and jewelry has served me well over the years and continues to hide the fact that I've worn the same grey shirt for days on end, haven't slept through the night in years, and that our crazy train is one more Archer yelling a cuss word at church shy of falling off the tracks. 
Our days are chaotic at best but having my nails done helps me to feel like I at least have one thing going my way! 😄 As much as I would love to go get a manicure every couple of weeks that just doesn't fit into our schedule or our budget. So I need something I can do at home that doesn't smudge, will dry fast and will stay on my nails for longer than 24 hours without chipping. I have tried more nail polishes than any one person should, two step gel polish, gel polishes with the light, regular nail polish with every type of top coat possible but nothing lasts more than a day or two at the very best.

About a year ago I stumbled onto these wet n wild one step wonder gel at Walmart and I kid you not they are life changing! 

I did Jacey's nails for this post and these are the 10 colors she picked. And I would like to say that it is NOT easy trying to take pictures of nail polish and get it to look good. So I'm sorry these pictures aren't great. 

After many, MANY attempts these were the best we could do to show off the colors. 
This is with 2 coats and I wait about 5 minutes in between to make sure it's good and dry. 

The nail polish on her fingers is in the order that the nail polish is displayed in the pictures above. 


It was cloudy out but this was our best at getting a day light picture. Okay I'm sure you want to know why I love this polish so much and there are a couple reasons. First off the price is awesome $4.68 ( beats a $35 manicure), it drys super fast and stays on forever! I can easily get 10-12 days out of it!! Now I'm sure there are a whole list of concerns and scary reasons as to why it stays on that long......and i'm okay with that. If nail polish is what takes me out so be it. 😉   There is a couple more colors in the line, a black ( I don't own that one....yet), taupe (one of my favorites) and a few more that they have just released.  They do have a red also, and it isn't horrible....but I forever and always will be an OPI "I'm not really a waitress" red kind of girl. 

This gem hands down (in my opinion) is the best red ever....EVER. 

I got this color for a  pedicure in high school for prom one year and that was it. A fifteen year long love affair was born. 

If I'm wearing red nail polish this it every time. 

Again I'm so sorry the pictures aren't great....and I'm also sorry you just read an incredibly long post about how much I love nail polish! If everyone stops reading this blog I understand! 😜😜

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