Grandparent Gift

December 19, 2017

Okay first and foremost Nana and Grandpa, Bunny and Papa if you all are reading the blog stop right now. If you keep reading you will spoil your Christmas gift and then that won't be any fun! 

Armistice ends the fighting

So seriously if you are a grandparent of my children this is your last warning, stop reading! 😊

Okay for the rest of you I found a pretty cute gift idea on Pinterest and thought I would share. 

First you need some cutting boards, we just grabbed a couple from Walmart nothing fancy.

Then you need a table of kiddos sketching out some ideas of what to draw onto the cutting boards. We decided that we should do a drawing of the grandparents houses that way everyone would have a chance to draw on each of the boards. But you could totally do anything you wanted! 

Miss Goldie took a snack break to "run" over to her daddy. This girl is walking all over the place and is even getting pretty fast! 

She was happy he was finally home for the night. 

Once we had the pictures mapped out, and who would be drawing what, we started drawing it on the cutting boards 

Dakota was getting a little help with drawing evergreen trees. 

Then I had Nathan take the wood burning tool and go over what the kids drew on the boards.

Half way done. 

And the final products! 

The kids were so proud of their work and are super excited to surprise their grandparents with these special gifts.  And if I had to guess I would say the grandparents will love these gifts as well! 

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