December 9, 2017

Hi friends! Hope your Friday was relaxing, and cheers to finally making it to the weekend! 

This girl, always making us laugh! I don't normally feed her a snack out of a muffin tin but when I need to get stuff done this buys me some time! 

We have a busy weekend ahead so while this girl and I made a run to town for a birthday gift we decided to celebrate our date out with a little ice cream and french fries before dinner. Can't believe this girl is almost 8!! 

Like I said we have super busy weekend happening. Jacey has a little birthday party to go to then we all get to go celebrate at Nana's birthday bash so we spent the evening giving the boys hair cuts and getting everyone ready to go.  I will do my best to get blog posts up this weekend but if it's quiet over here that's why, but I will for sure be back Monday! 

And completely unrelated to anything has anyone ever had these before. Absolutely favorite candy next to hot tamales of course. They have a hard shell but are gummy inside and they are amazing.
That's all. Enjoy your weekend!!

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