Christmas Program #2

December 20, 2017

We are pretty lucky that our kids, along with a couple other kiddos from our church, get to join in with the Lutheran church and do a Wednesday night church program and tonight they had their Christmas Pageant!

I'm a little bias but these are about the cutest kiddos I ever did see!

Miss Goldie spent most of the time dancing in the isle when the music was playing.

Girl loves to boogie.

My sisters and I have decided that Miss Jacey needs to wear this everyday, bless her heart she looks so cute!

Colton is down on the end and he also did a great job and even cracked a few smiles! Normally he is pretty sober during performances like this, he likes doing them he just takes them seriously and forgets to smile. So it was sweet to see some smiles on his face tonight. I of course didn't catch any of them on camera but he had a couple. 

It was a great program and so sweet to hear all those pretty little voices singing Christmas songs! So glad out kiddos got to be a part of it! 

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