Christmas over the years.

December 8, 2017

Here lately I have been going back through old pictures of the kids for one reason or another and it has been so fun to see how much the kids have grown, but also a little heart breaking.  The saying the days are long but the years are short keeps running through my mind. It seems like in a blink of an eye the kids have all grown so much, Jacey turns 8 this month, and Colton will be 10 this year! I truly don't know how we got here so quick! 

I have Colton's first Christmas saved on another computer but this 2009 Christmas was our first one to stay at home for, I was super pregnant with Jacey and looking back at these pictures made me remember just how special that year was!  

This was also the year he got Buddy. Buddy is 100 percent our 6th child, he has been everywhere with us. We all love Buddy. 

Christmas 2010......

Pregnant with number 3....that was a fun time...and also a season of horrible hair. 

We went back to Meade this year and this was the kiddos before church. My niece Caroline, Colton, and Miss Jacey.

With their new Christmas eve pajamas on. 

Papa and Colton getting their plate of cookies and note ready for Santa. 

Still 2010 Christmas this time celebrating with the Hemphills. 

Christmas 2011. Look at all those babies in cowboy boots!!! 

Cousins in new pajamas. 

Celebrating at Nana and Grandpa's house. 

Ugh! Look at those curls on my baby!!!! And her chubby cheeks just need kissed! 

And baby Koko!!

Christmas 2012
 Dakota and Jaceys curls just melt me!!!! 

2013, we had some snow that year and Dakota spent a lot of time watching uncle Kevin clear the road. 

I couldn't find a picture of all three of them by the tree so here is some of them around that time of year. This picture is Jacey's birthday....she wore that dress and ribbon to church that year so everyone would know it was her day! 
Also I had just found out I was pregnant with Archer a month or two before this! 

The boys playing with the train table that Santa brought that year. 

Christmas 2014. Look at Archer! 

Christmas 2015. Man writing this has made me bawl like a baby looking at these sweet faces! 

 Christmas 2016 Miss Goldie had joined our Herd. 

And man are we all glad she is. She is such a love bug! 

And finally Christmas 2017. So incredibly in love with all 5 of these beautiful kiddos. 
This was so fun to go back through and remember all of our Holidays, and definitely makes me want to blog and take more pictures. Such sweet sweet memories! 

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