The Mercantile

October 1, 2017

A couple weeks back, my mom, sisters, and myself started talking about taking a girls trip. Everyone had got their new school year under way and it seemed like the perfect time to sneak away for a bit. We decided to leave the little girls at home and just have it  be a sisters and mom trip. It has been a long time since we all have gone somewhere just the four of us!  

We went to Katie's house Friday night ( got a full nights sleep!) and headed out early Saturday morning. Before we left town we stopped at Jane's Landing and got some coffee for the road. If you ever get a chance to stop in and get some coffee, do! It's delicious!! 

We made it to Pawhuska Oklahoma about 8:30-9 am which was perfect timing! There was just a hand full of people in the store shopping and a few upstairs at the bakery and coffee shop. It was so nice to look around without it being crowded and see what we liked. There was already a line starting to get in and eat breakfast but we decided to play it by ear and look around a bit and just hope we could get in for lunch. 

(sorry the pictures are a little blurry, and random, I'm not a professional....or even a very good photographer 😊)

Mom and Katie getting ready to start shopping at The Pioneer Woman Mercantile . 

I pretty much wanted one of everything but I absolutely loved these bread boxes! If I had a little more counter space I would of absolutely brought one of these bad boys home. 

This map was another thing I debated long and hard about. I loved it! And the muted colors were so pretty......this one will most likely end up on my Christmas wish list. I didn't think I would have wall space for this....but now that I'm home I think I have a couple spots this would look adorable in! 

I was very impressed with how much merchandise they had but it wasn't over cluttered or hard to get to. Also most of the drawers had little treasures in them too! Good thing we made a couple laps around because the first few laps I missed them completely!  

We decided to head up stairs for some cinnamon rolls and coffee and plan out our shopping strategy now that we had a lay of the land.  

The upstairs was super cute! Around the corner was where they had all their pastries and coffee and then the little candy bar was in the front. 

I'm so glad we came early because by about 11 this place was packed!

The cinnamon rolls and lemon bar both were delicious! 

Since it was just the four of us without any of the kids we decided to go ahead and wait in line to eat. We waited a little over an hour and were able to get in on the lunch menu. It was nice and cool and there was benches so it wasn't a big deal to wait but I'm so so glad it was just us and I didn't have my children there. There were a lot of kids in line and the staff at the Mercantile were so accommodating, I saw lots of them being brought drinks, and other little goodies! But if you do decide to bring your kiddos bring stuff for them to do. The people who were in line after us were waiting 3-4 hours! 

The food was really good! We had queso which we devoured before I remembered to take a picture. We ordered steak salad, grilled cheese and homemade chips, fancy mac and cheese, tomato soup and grilled cheese dippers, and not pictured chicken strips, and we all shared. Now I don't know if it was the fact that it was just us sister with our mom, or the fact that we all order meals that our children would order, but it all felt and tasted very homey. 

While we were waiting in line the place started to fill up very quickly and there wasn't a whole lot of room to move around, and by the time we got done eating the place was packed! 
 I'm so glad that we looked around when we first got there so we could see all that there was and what we wanted to bring home with us! 

We made our purchased and headed back to Wichita.  My poor sisters were both sick and by the time we were done shopping neither one of them were looking to great. So we made it back to Wichita and Katie and Libby headed back to the hotel for a nap, mom went to World Market but before she did I had her drop me off at myself.  Friends it has been a hot minute since I have actually been able to walk around Target and actually shop. There isn't one where I live and when I do finally make it to one usually I have my sweet children, or my husband with me. And while I love them all to pieces......walking around Target by myself with an iced coffee is just heavenly. I tired on clothes, and shoes, read though a magazine, browsed home decor and Halloween decorations, I even looked at pretty fancy trash cans.....I don't need a pretty fancy trash can but by golly I picked them up and looked them all over for a good 20 minutes just because I could.  I even ran into an old friend and got to meet all three of his sweet girls and actually got to stop and have a conversation with all of them! Seriously Target without children or my husband might be my new love language! 

Mom came back and picked me up, we hit a couple more shops and then the sickies finally rallied enough to go have dinner. 

Our sweet mama treated us to a steak dinner which was wonderful! It was so nice to be able to actually sit and talk to everyone without having to cut up someone else's dinner! 

After dinner we made another Target run for face masks and then headed back to the hotel. 

Sunday morning this was the picture I sent Nathan. Two full night sleeps in a row AND sleeping in and waking up on my own, makes me a much nicer person! 

In not even 24 hours we made 6 Target runs at 2 different Targets. We hit some other stores too but Target was well visited. 

The two sickies finally succumbed to their fevers and we decided to call it a weekend. The Mercantile was a lot of fun but if you get a chance to run away for a weekend with your mom and sisters, even if it's just to Target ;), do it! 💗

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