A Day in the Life

October 10, 2017

I thought it would be fun to do "A day in the life" post, not necessarily because I think anyone cares, but when I look back at the old blog posts these are my favorite. I love remembering the day to day....all the stuff I use to think I would never forget....but sadly have. When I pull up a post of when we had 3 under 3 I honestly don't remember most of it. It takes rereading post after post to start to remember those little gems. 
So here is a day in the life now with a 9, 7, 6, 3, and 1 year old.  Three big kids who help run our herd, and two little ones holding on for the ride. 

My alarm goes off at 5:30, sometimes I get up....sometimes the fall air starts to sneak in and the cool mornings makes it hard to get up on time. I finally got out of bed at 6 only to find I had a nice pot of hot helps if you actually add the coffee. I guess in my excitement to get everything ready for today's post I forgot to actually add the coffee grounds. 😒

While I was remaking coffee little miss woke up. She legit wets though every single brand of diapers we put her in. It's so annoying!! So got her changed and rocked back to sleep, and finally at about 6:30 I was able to enjoy some coffee and catch up on the news. 

These two are my current go to books in the morning. 

About 7:30 I started some oatmeal in the instant pot and waited for my kiddos to start waking up. Side note if you are on the fence about an instant pot DO IT! It seriously is a game changer! 

First one up. 

Dakota begged for chocolate chips in his oatmeal and honestly 99 percent of the time I say no to pretty much anything fun, so I thought I would change it up today. 


9:10 I was dressed ready to go (in real clothes I might add!) so of course I needed to document it. 

 Home School babies plugging away. 

While we do school Archer and Goldie pretty much get out every toy we own and destroy the house, then I pay everyone in chocolate chips to clean it up. 

More school with a little buddy. All the stories Jacey writes she reads to either Mocha the dog, or Birdie the rabbit. She says they like it. 

By about 12:15 we were done with morning school and while I was making lunch the kiddos were supposed to be cleaning......😉

We were having sweet potatoes for lunch so I made cinnamon honey butter to go on top and oh my word was it good! 

Lunch line up.And again the instant pot is fabulous! Ten minutes and I have happy kiddos! 
And just in case you think this is how they always eat, its not. They legit have been on a hot dogs and fish sticks bender for about a 2 weeks so i though they should get a little bit of not crap in their systems. 

After lunch the two babies went down for naps, big kids had their reading time, I folded some laundry, kids did the dishes, spent a little more time on math, then I let them watch some tv while I hid in my room in silence and drank some coffee. 

After naps we loaded up to take Miss Jacey to dance. While she danced we went to Nathan's work so Colt could sell some boy scout popcorn, and so Archer could get a closer look at the "crane" (material handler) his daddy is always talking about. 

We picked Miss J up and headed home so I could get dinner going before Colton had scouts. 

My sweet herd. 

After dinner Colt and Nathan went to boy scouts, these two unloaded and loaded the dish washer, and I put the babies in a bath. 

7:15, playing for a bit before their 7:30 bedtime....most nights its 7:30 anyway 😉

Finally got the babies in bed. Did some reading with these two cutie pies, and got them tucked in for bed. 

Eight is usually when I get my big kids in bed. Colt finally got home about 9, he was busy selling popcorn after his meeting. Thanks everyone who is supporting our handsome scout! So he is now in bed, another load of laundry is in the wash, and i'm headed to bed as soon as I publish this post! 
Thanks for reading about our day! 

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