Family Fishing

August 2, 2017

On Sunday Bunny, Papa and Little Pup came to town and since the weather was beautiful out and not a hundred million degrees we decided to spend a little time fishing. 

If you have been here for awhile fishing pictures are nothing out of the ordinary. 😊 I have had a few new faces visiting the blog here lately so I feel like I should let you all in on a little secret. Happy, sad, stressed, worried, excited, bored, or,  raining, snowing, windy, perfect weather, are all perfect reasons for my Herd to be out fishing. 

Fishing makes their world better, and I just like my people happy.  

Even Miss Goldie likes to get in on the fishing. 

Aunt Libby came with cupcakes which made Gold extremely happy. 

Dakota takes after his daddy when it comes to fishing. He would be perfectly fine with being out there all day and all night. 

Trying to get the hook out of the fish he caught. 

Goldie figured out that cupcake. 

The kids kept Papa pretty busy when it came to taking fish off and baiting hooks. 

This one made me laugh! Three kiddos needing Papa's help, opening up juice, putting a new worm on, and Colt is the one needing the fish off.

I had a ton more pictures but when I transferred them over they were all so blurry you couldn't even make it who was in them. I don't know if it was camera issues or computer issues.....But hopefully it's not anything to major. But I'm so sad all the cute ones I had of Bunny and Libby taking the kids on a walk are all blurry. :(

That's it for tonight friends, but I'm kind of enjoying this blogging more often, hopefully you all are too....otherwise that's super awkward 😊 . I have a few more blogs floating around in my head so hopefully you all will stick around! 

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