Weekend Recap

July 26, 2017

I was really trying to get this post up at the beginning of the week....but life, and five kids, and two dogs, and a rabbit.....okay now I'm just making excuse, but we really do have a rabbit and I was really trying to have this up at the beginning of the week. Wednesday is still the beginning right! 😊

Saturday the kids requested pancakes and while I was cooking they were playing outside. Then Uncle Andy came over and the real fun began! Running inside for a pancake or two and then back outside for a trip down the water slide was exactly the easy summer morning we needed. 

Even Miss Goldie got to come check out all the fun. 

She got in on the action for a bit, 

but she was more content to just sit and watch. Goldie and Uncle Andy are kind of special buds so whenever she gets a chance to have him all to her self she usually takes it. 

Then the kids were introduced to baby soap on the slide and I'm pretty sure you could hear their giggles all the way across town!
Our Saturday was already pretty good but then we had some special visitors show up! 

Uncle Nic, Aunt Heather and the boys came to town! Colt was super excited to get to love on baby Eli! His sweet little baby giggles were precious and we all made sure to act like fools to see who could get him to laugh. 

It was a big day for Brogan, he got his first official Hemphill Boy Summer Haircut. Uncle Nathan has a little bit of practice when it comes to summer haircuts so he did the honors. 

This picture makes me laugh, all three original Hemphill boys trying to keep him entertained to get his haircut. Brogan was a pro and didn't need any of their help though! He was a pro... and he had Aunt Laura quick on the draw dishing out skittles. 😊

I wish I would of gotten a before picture but his after looks pretty handsome!!

After haircuts and dinner it was time for a night swim. 

Colt was gone to a rodeo with some friends but all the other Hemphill babies were there. Such a fun weekend with everyone! Uncle Nic and Aunt Heather you need to stay longer next time and Uncle Andy the kids are already planning how to make their backyard water slides bigger and better! 

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