Bo & Caroline

May 20, 2017

At the beginning of May we loaded up and headed to see my sister and her kiddos for a packed weekend, birthday party, dance recital, chuck e cheese, we were busy! 

Our car keeps feeling smaller and smaller the bigger the kids get, and my word we pack a lot of stuff!

Dakota was so excited to get his birthday present from Aunt Katie and Uncle Matt. He is a Lego lovin boy. 

"Sister Cousins" finally together again! 

This little miss is getting way to brave with her cruising skills! 

Love these boys. 

Bo Dan

We had a little down time before the dance recital and some how managed to get everyone in one picture!

Dancin Girl! She did such a great job at her recital! 

Finally it was time for Bo's birthday party. Sweet Caroline painted him his own set of trays for all this goodies. 

Uncle Nathan made a sweet fence for Bo to keep his dinosaurs in. 

He was so excited it was finally his birthday party! 

Then we finished the night with some glow stick fun. 

This little one didn't get the memo of sleeping in and woke her mama up with the sun.

All of the heaps of blankets are kiddos sleeping. 

Slowly kiddos started to come upstairs. 

Aunt Katie has "real tv" and the boys were loving the new episodes of Paw Patrol, and so I was I. I'm about over our dvd! :)

For Colt's birthday present Katie found a small centipede arcade game and oh man was it a hit! Growing up my Aunt had an old arcade centipede game in her basement and my sisters and I would spend hours playing it when we would visit. 

Making the big kids hide in the bathroom to eat the leftover cupcakes! (Dakota had one when he got up!) 

outside fun

This is his "Bad to the Bo" face. 

Finally we made it to Chuck e Cheese! 

The crew

It was a great weekend and we had some super tired kiddos on the way home! 

And we got to end the weekend with a quick visit from Papa!