Life Lately

April 26, 2017

Nothing to exciting just random pictures of everyday life here with the herd. 

Colton's remote control car has been a hit! 

Love Colts laugh in this one! 

Miss Goldie Jean is getting way to big an absolutely loves to be outside!

And she loves to eat too! 

Sweet Jacey girl is always catching ladybug, butterflies, and toads. 

And these two boys just make messes everywhere they go. :)

This girl is a horrible sleeper until she ends up in our bed then she sleeps like a rock. 

A little Easter egg painting party. 

Uncle Andy and Aunt April moved in across the alley and the kids are loving that they get to join in the fun! And I'm loving the extra hands to help! :)

Aunt April always has fun art projects for the kids too!  Like throwing eggs filled with paint!!

Archer has a pretty good wind up! 

Little one is just supervising. 

Last Sunday Bunny and Papa came to town for a little afternoon fishing. 

They brought Little Pup which made Archer very happy. 

Jacey and Colton challenged Aunt Libby to a fishing contest. 

Bunny was busy on baby duty. 

Colton was to busy catching fish to take a picture. 

Papa was in charge of taking all the fish off the hooks, and boy did the kids keep him busy!

Such a sweet picture.....then you look back and see Archer who managed to unlock the car and sneak  in and get gum! Oh that boy......!

Miss Goldie just hanging out.

Trying to get a picture with the sisters, then in true sister fashion Gold snatches off Jacey's headband! 

Archer had Bunny pretty busy hauling marshmallows in the dump trucks. 

Papa sneaking in a little time with Goldie. 

And an evening fishing isn't complete without throwing rocks in the water. 
And that's a little bit of life lately.