March 2, 2017

In case anyone else if confused today is only Thursday....not Friday. I spent all morning think today was Friday and oh man was it disappointing when I realized it's only Thursday.  This blog post is going to be about absolutely nothing other than the fact that the two babies are FINALLY napping, together, at the same time. These two have not both been asleep at the same time like like 3 months. It's been rough here friends.....real rough.  And to the friends who saw me out in public with my shirt on inside out and smiley face stickers stuck to my booty I apologize. 

There is literally a million things that need to be done right now, laundry needs switched out, dishes put away, cursive writing needs checked, math facts need reviewed, I need to shower. But instead I decided to sit in the silence and drink some coffee and blog because mama needs a break. 

Both kids are asleep at the same time in the same room! Praise Jesus! 

And the big kids know when mama is weak and offered to go outside so the babies to could sleep.....and also get out of a spelling test and state review. 

So I decided to paint my nails. My life feels more put together when my nails are painted. :)
I'm going to do another blog post on this amazing nail polish but here is a sneak peek. I have four or five colors of these $4 wet and wild nail polish and I am completely obsessed with them! It lasts and doesn't chip and looks just like I went and got my nails done at the salon, but I didn't because I have 5 children. 

I tried to get a picture without the flash so you could see the color and do it all fancy like you see on Instagram....nailed it obviously. 

Just for fun here are some pictures from the past few days. 

Colton took this picture and said "mom look, you look so pretty!" Bless his heart he is the absolute sweetest! He also probably needs to get in and have his eyes checked! :)

Music all day every day with this wild haired woman. 

I say it time and time again but man is Colt a great big brother. He always has been too. He was 21 months when we brought Jacey home from the hospital and he was just as amazing then as he is now! 

My blue eyed bookend babies. 

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