A typical Homeschool Day

March 29, 2017

I have been meaning to get a homeschool day documented since this year seems so much different than last year. It has been hard with a new baby to find our rhythm  this year but I think we finally have it figured out. 

Today things were a little bit off since yesterday was Dakota's birthday so we had a bit of a slow start this morning so that the boys could finish building Dakota's new legos and Jacey had a library book she was wanting to finish. Normally we try and start our day by 9, but today was closer to 9:30. 

We have been starting  our day with "morning time" and it has made a world of difference! It has been so nice to ease into our day with coffee (and hot chocolate for the kids) and some calendar time and stories, before we get into the meat and potatoes of our lessons. 

Today was a pretty big day, Archer was finally able (hmm...trusted) to hold the flag with out injuring anyone. He did a great job and bless his heart tried his darndest to say the Pledge of Allegiance. He has almost got it down and likes to tack on an "amen" for good measure. 

Dakota did days of the week and the calendar.

Colton helped Archer with the weather. 

Then we counted to 100, 

And Archer tried his hand at pointing to the letters while we went over the alphabet. A couple things: No Archer doesn't know his letters he just likes to be one of the big kids. And yes majority of what happens during our morning time is a little to young for Jacey and Colton, but they like to help out and it's easier to include everyone than not, and a little extra review never hurt anyone. :)

Then it's on to everyone's favorite part coffee (hot chocolate) and stories! 

Here is our selection for today. We try and always do the devotional and the Do nice book. Then normally we have some books based off of what everyone is working on this week, Cow's "C" for Dakota, Noah's Ark for Jacey's Bible study this week and Where the wild things are was on her list for must reads, Colton is going over greek myths and the Giving tree is just because I like it! :) and Mouse and the Motorcycle is the chapter book I'm reading out loud to them. 

A quick lego break while I fed Miss Goldie and put her down for a nap. 

Some days it is like pulling teeth to get this boy to work on his cursive writing and then other days he does it instead of playing legos! 

Finishing up their lego break. 

Then it's on to math for Colt and Jacey and phonics for Dakota. 

This part can get a little hectic, bouncing between kiddos, answering questions, teaching lessons, changing subjects, spelling tests, grammar lessons. I don't know that we have found a great system for this other than buckle down and get it done. 

This boy has loved learning about each state and thinks the fun facts are hilarious! 

While I was working with Dakota, Colton offered to give Jacey a spelling test. And it kind of melted my heart. 

We rounded out our day with an art lesson. Side note I am HORRIBLE at art, i can't draw, or craft, or paint and all of it makes me want to throw up or have a panic attack, but this little book is pretty helpful and simple. So if you are like me and only doing art because you have to....get this book!

Our lesson for today, 

And our finished products. It's pretty bad that the kid's paintings are better than mine! 

Normally we would take a break during lunch but the kids have really been loving this Classical Music podcast, and I have too! Now music is something I can get behind. ;)

This one is great but it does bring out some pretty sweet dance moves from Archer which makes actually eating his lunch a little difficult. 

This sweet girl likes the music too!

Again the only down fall is the trumpet playing, 

drumming, ( I will fill you all in on the missing tooth later!) 

And violin playing that happens instead of eating. 

And finally to end out our school day everyone reads quietly for a bit while I bounce from kiddo to kiddo either reading to them or listening to them read. 

Then the babies go down for nap, big kids get some tablet time and I take a breath! :)

And just in case I gave you the impression that I had my life together.....At one in the afternoon i'm  in sweat pants, a shirt I wore yesterday, no make up, haven't showered, and running on my second cup of cold coffee. :)  

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