Family Vacation 2017

February 6, 2017

Last month we went on a family vacation with my brother in law and sister in law to Great Wolf Lodge and it was the absolutely best vacation! We had such a great time and took way to many pictures but I narrowed it down to 102 to share with you all! So make a snack this will take awhile! :)

First we had a lunch pit stop in Salina then it was on to Kansas City. 

My goodness were the kids excited to get there and seeing them in their ears about made my heart explode! 

After we got settled we headed over to T-Rex Cafe for dinner. 

They loved it! The noise was a little to much for Dakota, (glad we always carry headphones!) but after he got use to it he had a blast! 

Then to top off the night Uncle Andy and Aunt April surprised the kids with a new Build A Bear friend, and my kids absolutely love any and all things Build A Bear! 

Our official first night at Great Wolf Lodge!

April and I tried hard to get a picture with Archer but that boy would not stop moving! 

Miss Goldie Jean was super tired from the long drive but I could not wipe this smile off my face. My kids were having the most incredible time, Uncle Andy and Aunt April were having a blast, and The Husband was smiling just as hard as I was, it made my heart want to burst! 

Getting started on Magic Quest in their pjs.

Jacey was Aunt April's buddy the whole trip! 

See look at the bearded man smile. :) His heart was happy too! 

When my parents go on vacations, usually to a State Park of some sort, they always seem to find a giant carved statue and always take a picture and send it to the kids. So my kids wanted to return the picture. :)

Rise and Shine! 

Breakfast still in their pjs. :)

A few more pictures to send to Bunny and Papa then it was off to the water park!

Colton was in heaven!

Archie was just slowly taking it all in. :)

Sister was a fish, and I don't know that I ever got a good picture of Dakota he was just running from one slide to another! 

All of my people are up there. 

Sissy was so tired, she fell asleep shortly after this! 


They made it out! :)

After the water park the big kids went to Dave and Busters with Nathan, and Uncle Andy and Aunt April, and the babies and I stayed at the hotel to nap. Archie was not upset with the whole bed to himself and all the snacks he wants! 

And I was happy for a quiet hotel room and not one, 

but 2 sleeping babes! 

Three hour nap, paw patrol, and more snacks makes this guy pretty happy. 

While we waited for the big kids to come back we watched the big trucks drive by.

Archie played with Miss Goldie.

A three hour nap made this little princess pretty happy too! 

She is trying so hard to crawl, she has her army scoot down pretty good though!

Round two of the water park. This is all I got but Andy put together an awesome video that if I'm lucky I will figure out how to attach to this blog post. :)

Showers and pjs then we hit the arcade for the evening. 

I wish there was sound of this picture. Jacey could not stop giggling and that made everyone laugh!

After the arcade we ordered dinner and waited for story time.    

This is as close as Archer would get. :)

Then by 8:30 we had all 5 kids asleep and I sent Nathan down the hall to the dessert shop for a caramel apple. 

And he came back with a delicious caramel apple and a cup of only pink Mike n Ikes.  My absolute favorite! 

One last breakfast at Great Wolf Lodge then it was off to Lego Land!

Dakota waited the whole trip to go to Lego Land. He still says this was his favorite part! 

Everybody creating their creations. 

Still a happy mama! Not kidding this was such a great trip! 

Jacey wrote Love,

Colton made a wolf,

Dakota of course made a gun. 

I could write on every one of these pictures but it would say the same thing over and over. My kids are Lego obsessed and and loved every minute of our time at Lego Land. 

Aunt April got pretty good at getting Goldie to sleep on vacation, and Goldie didn't mind snuggling up with her one bit. 

Our last stop on vacation was the aquarium. 

My fish loving boys, and girls were in their happy place. 

Most of the car ride home was pretty quiet. We had some exhausted kiddos who went full speed for 3 days straight and had an amazing time!  Andy and April thank you so much for all you did! From going on water slides over and over and over again to holding a sleeping baby so I could eat, and everything in-between! I'm sure this vacation with 5 kids under 8 wasn't as relaxing as your normal vacations are, but I sure hope you had as much fun as we did!
Thanks again for everything! 

Hopefully this video works! :)