Holiday Baking Challenge

December 25, 2017

It is 11:30pm on Christmas eve and I absolutely should be helping Nathan finish up wrapping the presents but I wanted to be sure and get this day in the books before I forgot all the fun we had!
A few years back my niece Caroline challenged her Uncle Nathan to a baking challenge and a friendly baking tradition was born. This is serious business around here and this year we kicked it up a notch and decided to do a Holiday Baking Challenge: Pancake Edition.

This years teams were Nathan and Colton, Katie and Bo, and Caroline, Jacey and Libby. I was official photographer, Bunny and Papa were Judges, and undercover secret taste testing judge was Miss Goldie.

Nathan and Colton decided to cook their own pancakes,

While the rest of the teams opted for microwaveable options. 

Smack talk was said.

Plates were prepared.  

Chocolate chips counted. 

There was a thirty minute time limit so not everyone was cooperating with pictures. 😉

Two of the judges discussing what they are looking for this year in the Holiday Baking Challenge: Pancake Edition  

The finished plates. 

Team Bo

Team Pancake Kings

I can't remember what the girls decided for their team name....

The judges asking how everyone came up with their inspiration or their creations 

A few more taste testers. 

Finally after the judges had tasted all the creations and they had time to deliberate it was time to announce the winner. 

And the winner is........

Team Bo!!!!!!

After we all ate we headed outside for a bit, because seven grand kids in a house......

Papa brought out the old wagon that my sistesr and I used to ride in and Bunny took Goldie for a ride.

Miss Goldie just living her best life. 

Little Pup, Papa's dog. 

They are pretty much best friends. 

When we came inside we found out that the girls had set up a Target downstairs and lucky for us it was open! 

I grabbed a coffee and headed downstairs just to see what they had and in true Target fashion and $150 I walked out of there with 3 lipsticks, a baby doll, a ball, and a new purse. Thank goodness they were taking barbie credit cards! 

They even got Papa and Uncle Nathan to go shop! 

And after all the baking, and wagon rides, and shopping, those two big girls in the back made lunch for all the little kids! And all the mamas said amen! 

Meade Christmas

December 24, 2017

We decided to sneak away this morning for a little get away back home and enjoy some Christmas with the cousins and Bunny and Papa. 

In Goldsberry tradition we made the kiddos sing before they were able to open presents. 

Papa, Archie and Little Pup trying to open presents. 

Bunny and Libby playing Simon says. 

Everyone bundled up to head out on a walk

The new play equipment at the grade school was a hit!  


Goldie having an after nap snack with Papa. 

These two boys did a good job cutting up the avocado for dinner.

The girls helped Papa get the tree decorated.

Playing cards with Bunny.
It was a fun first day in Meade with all the cousins and Bunny and Papa! Cant't wait to see what tomorrow brings! 💗