Family Pictures

October 26, 2016

Once again we had pictures done by the wonderful Miss Stacie and she did not disappoint! She had her work cut out for her and she did a great job!

I'm pretty sure this might be my favorite family picture we have ever done! How she got everyone smiling is beyond me.

Colton Kyle

Archer Kyle

Jacey Lynn

Dakota Kyle

he kills me! :)

Goldie Jean
In case anyone is wondering why she doesn't have Lynn as her middle name like Jacey and I do we decided to go with Jean in honor of her two great grandmas. I however still wanted her to have a little bit of my name so my dad suggested Goldie. Goldsberry is my maiden name so it seemed like a perfect fit. :)

Absolutely love this five.

10 years later he still makes me laugh

And just in case anyone thought we had it all together.....we don't. :)

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