October 27, 2016

I feel like I should start this blog post by giving you all some back ground first. Though some may beg to disagree I can cook. Not great by any means but I can.  My mother in law is a great cook and my husband grew up with some great from scratch food. And then he married me. Ha! Bless his heart he didn't realize what he was getting himself into.  Now no one as ever starved here at our house.  I have two dishes that i'm allowed to bring to family events and everyone very graciously raves about partly because they  feel bad and partly because the are scared I will try and bring someone else. If someone has a baby and there is meal train I will gladly sign up to bring a meal but I will not cook you a meal. It's not because I don't love you but more so that i'm not confident that you will survive after you eat it. I will however get you a pizza and make you some cookies and bring you wine. Now in the ten years that I have been married to my husband I have learned a few things from my mother in law. I can make homemade noodles. I can make homemade bread, not on the first try mind you but after attempt four or five things usually fall into place and a loaf turns out. I have successfully made a few of her main dishes and a desert or two without my husband completely choking it down so you could say that my confidence has increased a bit. 

Now fast forward to a couple weeks ago when a friend of mine was ordering apples. I was feeling pretty confident that day and when she asked if I wanted to order some I said sure! Why not! We like apples, surely I can figure out how to make all sorts of wonderful apple things. I mean it has been at least a month since I have completely messed up a meal so bad that kids were crying as it was being served on their plate. We would LOVE some apples.

In case anyone was wondering according to google a bushel of apples is roughly 40-48 pounds of apples, or about 126 medium apples.  

A bushel is not a little bit bigger than a bag of apples from the store, or maybe as big as the flat of Colorado peaches like I originally assumed when I said I wanted 3 bushels. 
Three bushels folks......378 apples......144 pounds......
Now my skills have improved and my kids do love a good apple but I may have over shot my ability....just a tad. 

Now no need to worry these almost 150 pounds of apples will not go to waste. Sure some will end up in the trash because it takes me a good 4 tries to make some decent bread but I am going to give it an honest try. I mean look what I found in my cabinet! A tool specifically made for apples. I don't know why I have it or where it came from, the apple gods perhaps, or what it's called, but I have one. 

So I searched though Pinterest tonight looking for the perfect recipe. Oh and there were a ton! Blue ribbon apple pies, grandma's own apple butter, apple cinnamon rolls and finally I found the one. An Apple crisp that didn't need white sugar because I have been out for a week now and keep forgetting to get some. 

Now it looks nothing like the picture in the recipe and I needed a beer by the time I was done but an apple crisp was made. 

The kids ate it, the husband tried it, and my mother in law didn't say the house smelled like burnt apples when she came over so I call it a success. 

Four apples down...........374 more to go! 

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