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May 17, 2016

Nothing to special to report just everyday life here with our Herd. We are just about finished with our first year of homeschooling, 3 more days to be exact! :) We are getting ready to start up baseball, and we have officially hit the single digits for number of weeks to go for this sweet baby! We are all very excited for her to make her appearance. :) Still no name as of yet but we have a good list to choose from. So hopefully we will decide on one before she gets here! 

Reading and coloring has been a nice little break in our school day. 

This sweet boy turned 5 and was very excited to get his very own loader! This boy loves to move some dirt! 

Weekend fishing has started and my babies couldn't be more happy about that. Worms, fish, mud, rocks are all ways to my kiddos hearts. :)

This guy keeps looking more and more like a teenager every time I turn around. 

Archie enjoys the fish from afar but isn't so keen on them up close. :)

Now that this boy is 5 he can cast all on his own and throw his own fish back. He is very proud of his fishing skills. 

Love her. 

Her daddy got her a pink pole and she couldn't be more excited. 

And this guy spends a lot of time in the stroller or on his daddy's back in the carrier otherwise he is in the water. 

And last but not least this Princess Pete is officially a reader and her little brothers are enjoying every bit of it! 

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