School Room Tour

March 20, 2016

For awhile now I have been wanting to document what our school room....area....nook .....looks like, and while the big kids are outside and the baby is napping and since we just got done cleaning I decided to snap a few pictures before it is a mess again. :) It has changed numerous times since we started at the beginning of this year. We had desks to begin with but everyone got a little to handsy, so for sanity reasons those went downstairs to their rooms. We also at one point this winter we had a nature table for the kids to bring all their treasures inside and check out with the microscope and magnifying glasses and look up in some of our nature books. That will come back eventually especially when we start venturing back to the river. This kids had a great time seeing what they could find and what it looked like under a microscope, and it made a great writing center for Colton to practice his cursive! :) How we have things set up now has felt practical, yet cozy without taking over our whole house or taking up living space. 

So here it is. :) This is looking from our living room. The majority of the school work is done around the table or over on the rug by the white board.  I apologize for the picture quality. My picture taking skills aren't anything to write home about and I know the sun is blinding but it was way to nice out to keep them closed. :) 

Beside our table we have this little ledge that keeps our supplies and gumballs for when I need to bribe the kids or they need a "smart pill". 

In the box we have scissors and glue,  pencils, chalk, markers, crayons, and color pencils. Each in their own jar so the kids just grab whatever I need them to and bring it to the table. 

Behind our table is this little reading nook,  my desk, and the white cabinet is where I keep all of our curriculum books, extra resources, and extra supplies. 

 We spend a lot of time at the white board through out the day and the rocking chair and rug are a nice change of seating for the kids and this very pregnant mama! 

A closer look at my desk area. Nothing special but it's nice to have a little spot for me to keep papers on and work at the computer. 

In the numbered baskets I put whatever workbooks the kids will need that day that way they can go grab them when we switch to a new subject. Under those baskets is Dakota's "garage" letter board that he works on. Above them in the basket are our library books and whatever read out loud book I'm reading to them. Monday we are starting Indian in the Cupboard. 

In the bookshelf is part of our family library and in the wooded box are books that Archie likes to look at. The cork board my sweet Husband graciously put up so the kids could display their work and above that is a dry erase world map (thanks Aunt Jan!). It is up high for now for safe keeping but eventually  will be hung lower so the kids can work on it.  

On top of this cabinet is an ant farm (we still need to set up and send off for our ants), microscope, and in the red box is where I keep all of our play money for when we are counting coins and bills. The first shelf has my teacher books for each kid, binders that hold our curriculum calendar for the year, playdoh mats for Dakota to practice letters, file folder games, and phonics cards for Colt and Jacey, there is also extra construction paper, shaving cream (for handwriting and letter practice) and our nature books. The second shelf holds the kid's workbooks, third shelf is extra resources: dictionary, encyclopedia, science books, phonics books, extra workbooks, and teaching books for me. Fourth shelf, the wooden box holds all our extra pencils, crayons, markers, glue, etc. Next to that are different math and phonics games. 

Here is the view looking from the rocking chair

And that's it. There is our little school room. Nothing special...definitely not Pinterest worthy but we like it. :) 

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