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March 18, 2016

Once again there was another long pause between blog posts. It probably won't be the last but I am trying to remember to take more pictures so I can remember this stage of our little family is in. So fingers crossed there will be more posts in the future. 

Last week was Colton's birthday and we started the morning off with skating with the cousins! 

This guy was a blur the whole time so this was about as good as I could get. 

Skating to the chicken dance I believe. :)

That evening we had his party and this year we let him invite one friend and he chose his best buddy Mogan. We met Mogan and his family this year through our homeschool coop and my goodness have these two boys become pals. 

Mogan MADE Colt a rubber band gun and even got him his favorite candy.  The smirk these boys are sharing was because Colt said how did you know these are my favorite! and Mogan said because you are my friend! :)

The other "cousins" were there also. They wouldn't miss a party and we wouldn't let them! 

Colton ended up having a great 8th birthday and I'm still slightly shocked I'm the mom of an 8 year old!

A couple days later we got a short little rain shower which didn't phase this princess pete one bit! She jumped and sang in the rain the whole time. 

Dakota has been begging to use his umbrella so he wasn't going to miss his opportunity. 

Rain or shine this boy like to work in the dirt. A Hemphill through and through. 

School is still going well. Archie like to try and "help" everyone any chance he gets. 

Dakota is still trucking along on getting his letters and sounds down, fingers crossed we about got it! 

I tried to sneak a picture of this boy working on his math but I got caught. :)

Bunny (my mom) got the kids some great science book that have little experiments in them and the kiddos were excited to try one out.

This one called for glasses filled with different amounts of water and diffrent colors to see if it would effects the sound they made when we tapped them with a spoon.

As you can see Dakota was very intrigued in the fact they made different sounds.....or that I was letting everyone tap the glass with a spoon. :)

That's the quick recap of the past couple weeks! 

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