October 27, 2016

I feel like I should start this blog post by giving you all some back ground first. Though some may beg to disagree I can cook. Not great by any means but I can.  My mother in law is a great cook and my husband grew up with some great from scratch food. And then he married me. Ha! Bless his heart he didn't realize what he was getting himself into.  Now no one as ever starved here at our house.  I have two dishes that i'm allowed to bring to family events and everyone very graciously raves about partly because they  feel bad and partly because the are scared I will try and bring someone else. If someone has a baby and there is meal train I will gladly sign up to bring a meal but I will not cook you a meal. It's not because I don't love you but more so that i'm not confident that you will survive after you eat it. I will however get you a pizza and make you some cookies and bring you wine. Now in the ten years that I have been married to my husband I have learned a few things from my mother in law. I can make homemade noodles. I can make homemade bread, not on the first try mind you but after attempt four or five things usually fall into place and a loaf turns out. I have successfully made a few of her main dishes and a desert or two without my husband completely choking it down so you could say that my confidence has increased a bit. 

Now fast forward to a couple weeks ago when a friend of mine was ordering apples. I was feeling pretty confident that day and when she asked if I wanted to order some I said sure! Why not! We like apples, surely I can figure out how to make all sorts of wonderful apple things. I mean it has been at least a month since I have completely messed up a meal so bad that kids were crying as it was being served on their plate. We would LOVE some apples.

In case anyone was wondering according to google a bushel of apples is roughly 40-48 pounds of apples, or about 126 medium apples.  

A bushel is not a little bit bigger than a bag of apples from the store, or maybe as big as the flat of Colorado peaches like I originally assumed when I said I wanted 3 bushels. 
Three bushels folks......378 apples......144 pounds......
Now my skills have improved and my kids do love a good apple but I may have over shot my ability....just a tad. 

Now no need to worry these almost 150 pounds of apples will not go to waste. Sure some will end up in the trash because it takes me a good 4 tries to make some decent bread but I am going to give it an honest try. I mean look what I found in my cabinet! A tool specifically made for apples. I don't know why I have it or where it came from, the apple gods perhaps, or what it's called, but I have one. 

So I searched though Pinterest tonight looking for the perfect recipe. Oh and there were a ton! Blue ribbon apple pies, grandma's own apple butter, apple cinnamon rolls and finally I found the one. An Apple crisp that didn't need white sugar because I have been out for a week now and keep forgetting to get some. 

Now it looks nothing like the picture in the recipe and I needed a beer by the time I was done but an apple crisp was made. 

The kids ate it, the husband tried it, and my mother in law didn't say the house smelled like burnt apples when she came over so I call it a success. 

Four apples down...........374 more to go! 

Family Pictures

October 26, 2016

Once again we had pictures done by the wonderful Miss Stacie and she did not disappoint! She had her work cut out for her and she did a great job!

I'm pretty sure this might be my favorite family picture we have ever done! How she got everyone smiling is beyond me.

Colton Kyle

Archer Kyle

Jacey Lynn

Dakota Kyle

he kills me! :)

Goldie Jean
In case anyone is wondering why she doesn't have Lynn as her middle name like Jacey and I do we decided to go with Jean in honor of her two great grandmas. I however still wanted her to have a little bit of my name so my dad suggested Goldie. Goldsberry is my maiden name so it seemed like a perfect fit. :)

Absolutely love this five.

10 years later he still makes me laugh

And just in case anyone thought we had it all together.....we don't. :)


October 24, 2016

    Once again there was a long pause in blogging, so a quick recap we finished up our first year of homeschooling, we added a new baby girl to the family, and we started up our 2nd year of homeschooling.  A few more things happened in between but those are the high points. :) 

Jumping right in this past weekend The Husband took the big boys on a cub scout camp out so I got to spend the weekend with these two cuties.....

and their sister. I introduce Miss Goldie Jean for the few who haven't got to see her yet. 

We had a fun evening of movies, candy and hot chocolate. 

Sunday morning Archer decided to wake up way to early ....its a good thing he is cute. 


We were all glad to have to boys home but this big guy missed this little girl the most. 

Some of the pictures that I got while they were camping. 

When they got home Sunday  Nathan put the tent up in the yard and it was a hit all evening! 

.......and if you give the kids a tent they will ask to cook hot dogs.....

and if you roast hot dogs then you will need to make s'mores. :)

Although it was a good weekend Monday came and boy was it a long one. 
Thanks Aunt Heather for the silly putty! It kept Archer entertained for at least a couple minutes. 
Also no judgment people of the state of my of mind. :) Its all a mess....just real life. 

A slow Monday of school but we made it through.

And I had to document the 10 minuets of the day that this one was actually content with not being held. 

One day we will have a fabulously organized homeschool is not that day.

Last Day of School

June 19, 2016

This post is long over due but better late than never I guess. :) In May we wrapped up our first year of homeschooling. And I'm happy to say that all in all we had a great year! It definitely wasn't without challenges and a few tears (but mostly those were from me!) but we also had a lot of fun. The kids learned some stuff, I learned a ton of stuff and at the end of the day I'm still very happy with our decision to homeschool our herd. So while I am trying to get our second year of school planned before this new little girl makes her arrival here are some pictures of our last day of school. 

Nothing says celebrate like waking up to chocolate chip cookies and chocolate milk for least that's how I was raised to celebrate! 

We had a few last minute papers and tests to finish up that day and I tried to sneak a picture of each of the kiddos working. 

Archer spent all year "helping" Jacey and Colton with their workbook pages so it was only natural that he was in picture. 

This boy. This little smile just about does me in. Having been in public school the longest I was terrified that I was going to completely ruin this sweet boy. That it wouldn't be fun enough, or I would put him behind academically, or that he would absolutely hate homeschooling and would need years and years of therapy for our one year of homeschooling. While it was a little rocky in the beginning just trying to figure this whole new life style out this guy did amazing! 

This picture is just simply one that  I don't want to forget. Nothing special at all about it other than it was our everyday. My babies learned to read, and do multiplication, and learned letters, and addition and subtraction, and cursive writing, and to be patient, and helpful, and to do their best, and to cut mama some slack cause we are all learning around here. :)

After some work was done we had a little brain break and did the always fun GoNoodle 

A few of their favorites are, 

Once again just so I don't forget Archer often created his own learning while I was helping the big kids. This particular day he entertained us with a little music with the help of his pick up truck. 

We had a few nature study books that we had been reading and when Jacey found a toad in the sandbox we decided to create our own drawings and stories to go with them. 

As you can see Archer was completely surprised mom let their be a toad in the house. :)

Our model was very patient with us. 

Their masterpieces. 

I was very impressed with everyone's finished product! I can't draw to save my life so I'm glad they got that trait from their daddy. 

And finally we ended our school day with some ice cream cone cupcakes! 

It was a great year but we were all ready for a little break! :) 
Now I just need to figure out how to plan all of my "great ideas" for next year! I'm very excited to have a year under our belt and a little better game plan.....and confidence for next year!