Life Lately, Homeschool edition

November 18, 2015

 I didn't mean for there to be almost a month between my last blog update and this one, but in the craziness that is raising this herd sadly the blog gets put on the back burner. The evenings is about the only time I have to update and most nights sleep wins! :)

I can't remember if I posted about what curriculum we are using but we went with A Beka and for the most part have been enjoying it. It took a little while to find our rhythm, but now that we have things have been a little easier. I am planning on starting a new math program after the holidays and that program is called Math-U-See. I like the A Beka math but I feel like Math-U-See will give the kids a better foundation for math. Which by the way is not my strong point so frankly we all need a better math foundation. :) 
I think I can finally say that we all are adjusting to this new normal of ours. The kids occasionally will talk about public school. I hear lots of comments of them missing the good lunches and apparently I need to step up my sandwich game and I guess popcorn isn't cutting it for snacks anymore! All three kids see there public school friends a handful of times through out the week at various activities that they have so that hasn't seem to be such an issue, and we have made some great new homeschool friends also. So they definitely aren't lacking in the friend department!! 
 I still have days where I am quite certain that I am failing each and every one of my babies in just about every department but thankfully those days are starting to settle down a bit. :) 
Our family unit has probably seen the most growth. I love how much I have been able to connect with each of our kids. Seeing how each one learns, their strenghts and weaknesses. I get to see how much of a servants heart Colton has. I get to see how much of a perfectionist Jacey is and see how much pride she takes in her work. And I get to experience Dakotas humor first hand all day everyday.  My absolute favorite part is to see how close the kids are now. Now don't get me wrong they still have their moments days of screaming and fighting with one another but the praise they give each other and encouragement that happens when someone is needing a little extra boost almost makes me forget all the fighting.....almost! I have also grown with this little adventure. I have learned to multitask like a pro, and have been humbled by my need to learn more patience, and I have learned to give myself a little more grace. I would say I am probably learning more than my kids!! :) 

Some of our days flow smoothly. Piano practice, shaving cream letters, handwriting practice, and a happy baby.  

And other days this is our reality. 

Sometimes we finish all our school work and have time to make a fun craft. 

And other days school doesn't start first thing in the morning. Sometimes this mama needs a little more Jesus in her heart before anyone can have a good day. 

Sometimes this sweet little boy makes me a little crazy while he practices his climbing skills. 

Sometimes cursive writing takes F.O.R.E.V.E.R.

And sometimes school is amazing.