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October 1, 2015

I don't know if anyone else is battling with chores and screen time at their house but at our house it was getting a little out of control. I was constantly telling them to get off the tablet, or Wii,  or telling them to shut the tv off and the battle of me cleaning and them uncleaning everything was making me completely nuts! So like any good mom would do I took to the blogs to find out what other moms were doing.   

Sorry the pictures are grainy I don't know what was going on with my camera.  

This little corner of our house has quickly become the most helpful.  Hanging under the bucket are the kid's chore packs, and the blue frame is our "screen time checklist". 

It's hard to read but it says:
1. Is school work done. (remember my question mark key doesn't work so pretend its there)
2. Are chores done.
3. Is your room clean.
4. Have you been creative.
5. Have you played outside.

All of these have to be done before they can cash in their tokens. Surprisingly the kids have really taken to it. They also know that if they don't have tokens they don't get screen time so they don't ask, or if they have a few Colton is starting to figure out he can save his tokens to get longer time.  

The bottom stars are where I clip their screen time tokens that they earn. I got the token free printable from They can earn tokens for good behavior, working hard at school, being helpful around the house, being a good leader.etc. However if someone gets in trouble tokens are the first to go. 

We have also started chore packs with the kids. Every morning the kids get up, have breakfast and then grab their chore packs.

I make them wear them so they remember what they need to do. The quicker they get them done the more free time they have to play before we start school. Every morning is pretty much the same for each kid. They make their bed, brush their teeth, then they have a chore. Colton empties the dishwasher, Jacey wipes down the bathroom sinks, and Dakota feeds the dogs. On the lanyard there is also an afternoon chore: Colt and Jacey help with laundry, Dakota wipes down the table, and they each have evening chores, so they just flip the page to whatever time of day it is.   These have been huge in helping with keeping the house picked up and me not being the only one doing it. :) Also since we are home all day it helps break the day up a bit and gives everyone a little brain break, and the kids are proud of the extra responsibility. 

 If anyone tries this with their family you will have to let me know how it goes! Hopefully it's helpful! :)
I would love to know how you all do chores and handle screen time so be sure and comment below! :) 

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