We Survived!!!!

September 4, 2015

We survived our first week of homeschooling! I'll be honest it was a little touch and go there for awhile but we made it. :) So I thought I would give you the awesome and awkward of our week. 

*We did it. We completed an entire week of homeschool. I know I already said that but I don't think I have ever been so nervous for something in my entire life! 
*The kids were so excited to show Nathan what they did and actually remembered what we were learning about. 
* It was super sweet to watch the kids encourage each other with their school work. While Colton was working on his cursive writing Dakota couldn't help but stop his school work to tell him that "I really like the way your fancy hands work". Jacey bless her heart is keeping her mama in check. This girl loves a routine and she is making sure we stick to it. 

So far everyone seems to be enjoying it, granted we are only a week in. :) For me it has been exhausting :) incredible but completely exhausting.  I will be ready when it is a month from now... maybe 2 :) when we have found our rhythm. When I'm not second guessing our schedule, and trying to remember which word blend chart is in which book. and my bouncing from kid to kid has more of a rhythm rather than seeming like a ping pong ball out of control.  While my head is still a little frazzled my heart is completely in love with our "little adventure". In just a week it has been so awesome to watch how my little humans take everything in, and how they learn. Colt likes to get it perfect the first time and if it isn't it frustrates him to pieces, Jacey is sharp. She does her work while sneaking peaks at Colt's page so she is prepared just in case it comes up. :) And Dakota....oh Dakota, that boy. We seriously can't have a bad day when he is in the room. :) 

First Day 2nd grade, Kindergarten, Preschool

*Not once but twice I made it half way though a lesson only to realize I was teaching the wrong lesson to the wrong child. 
* Three times I had to google how to write something in cursive because I couldn't remember how to transition the letters. (No worries though my homework this weekend is to master cursive writing.....again)
*One whole day this week one child decided not to wear underwear, that child was Dakota. 
* Dakota also fell out of his chair mid math lesson and played dead for 20 was pretty convincing....veteran homeschool moms can I count that towards a drama credit later down the road?!

Just another sneak peak of everyone actually working....actually doing their correct lesson! :)
And yes Dakota is wearing the same shirt in both pictures. Another perk of homeschooling is that I don't care what you wear to school as long as you have something on, including need to wear underwear. 

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