Thanks Miss Tiff!!!

September 9, 2015

Do you all remember when sweet Jacey girl put her mama in her place? If not you can read about it by clicking here :mama needs a do over

Well in honor of that my sweet friend made us these matching shirts!!! 

Aren't they great!!! Tiff I think the next one we need is " I love Jesus, but I cuss a little"! Thanks again for our shirts, they were such a sweet surprise!!!! You are such a sweet friend. :)

One a side note today we take Archie to the specialist to see about what is going on with his leg. He has been doing physical therapy and we have seen quite a big improvement so hopefully they will just say continue on with that, but if you don't mind saying a few prayers for our little guy, (and his nervous mama) I would appreciate it! :)

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