Weekend with the Fam Bam

August 11, 2015

Sorry I have been quiet for a few days we are trying to cram in a little more summer before school starts for everyone and this past weekend the kids and I decided to sneak  away to my parents house. 
My favorite part of the weekend was when we all loaded up and headed to a neighboring town to check out the peach farm. My kids seriously ate their weight in peaches. They were in heaven and now want a peach tree for our back yard. :) 

I will warn you that these pictures are in a complete random order but it's late and I am to lazy to make it right. Also I forgot my camera so all of these pictures are phone pictures from my family members and myself. :)

Princess Pete picking a peach. 

These two were joined at the hip most of the weekend. 

And this boy ate so many peaches off the tree I thought for certain he would be sick that night. 

Dakota decided he would only pick peaches if Papa would lift him up to pick them. Poor Papa fell into his trap. :)

They ran from tree to tree trying to pick the perfect peach.

Papa, Bunny and Jacey just walkin. 

Archie was a big fan.

Auntie Libby with the babes.

Our attempts at peach pie and cobbler. They actually turned out great! Good job Libby and Bun!!

I told you these were out of order. :) The kiddos were excited to ride in the back of the truck through the field. 

Back at my parents house these two boys tried really hard to get that bird feeder down. 

And this handsome boy caught a butterfly that hung out for a while. 

Back at the peach farm little miss was enjoying a peach, and check out Colton laying down behind her! :)

Bo thought the peaches were pretty great also, 

So did this sweet thing. 

Dakota spent most of the time at my parents house digging for a lizard. 

Dakota and Archie sharing a peach. 

My sister and her fam. 

And that was a sneak peek of our weekend. While we are enjoying the last bits of summer but this mama is sure excited to get back to a routine! 

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