Oh August.

August 4, 2015

This pretty much wraps up our feelings here at the Hemphill house. We are trying to squeeze in a few more chances for fun but the reality that "Monday" is right around the corner is sinking in. 
My to do list is long with all the things that I planned on doing this summer that haven't quite gotten done, I have been trying to find a better system for meal planning,  getting new chore charts up, setting up a blog schedule, and staring at our summer to do list that still have a few things to do. 

Picnic, camping, VBS, fishing, drive in movie, aquarium, water park, roller skate, fly kites, tie dye, play uno, to be exact.  Now I had hoped we would get all of these done but in reality that probably won't happen. Maybe a couple more will get marked off and I'm good with that. We have had a fun summer but I think we are all ready for our new normal to start to happen. We are ready to get back into our routine.  The kids are getting excited as our homeschool curriculum starts to trickle in and  I'm doing super important stuff like  

color coordinating one of our bookshelves. and spray painting the legs of desks gold. You know the real meat and potatoes stuff. :) I hope to be able to do a tour of our school space here soon, and fill you in on what curriculum we decided to use.  

But for now I must tackle the large amount of dishes in my sink and the laundry that is slowly starting to take over our house. 

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