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August 17, 2015

Good morning all! While most of my household is still asleep and my coffee is still hot this morning I thought I would fill you in on what is happening with our homeschool adventure so far. 
On Friday the kids and I had our first day of "Friday School" with our homeschool co-op, and it was a hit with my kids, and me too! :) 

Here we are heading to Friday School.

So during Friday School the kids are grouped up according to their age (preschool, Kindergarten, 2nd grade) and they have 3 hours of classes, rotating each hour to a new subject. The kids had a great time meeting some new friends and Jacey Lynn is absolutely loving the music class she was in. Colt was excited to try out his Geography class and Dakota was thrilled they fed him. :) Archie will join the nursery next week but this week Nana very graciously keep the big guy while we tried out the 
co-op.  Two of the hours I help with the kids classes but one of the hours I have a break with some of the other moms. Bless their hearts they spent the hour answering all the million questions that I had and gave me so much encouragement! They also gave me some great tips and tricks to help our school year run a little smoother and I could not be more thankful! After classes the group brings their lunches to a local park to let the kids play and the mamas chit chat. It was fun to see the kids group up with their new friends and have some fun! 
I was so nervous to attend this first one but I really didn't need to be. They welcomed us with open arms and the kids are already counting down the days to when we get to go back!

We haven't officially started here at home. I decided to stick to the public school calendar and they start the 2nd which is a Wednesday so i am planning on starting the Monday of that week. Our school space is almost finished. I have a few more things I want to get done then I will give you all a tour....if that is anything you would like to see? Just let me know! :) We decided to go with the Abeka curriculum but I will explain all that in another post.
I have had a few of you ask how we are feeling with all this so I thought I would fill you in on that this morning also.  I would be lying if i didn't say that there was still some nervousness creeping in but I think once we start and find our new normal that will go away. It definitely has been a little odd seeing everyone post their back to school pictures and knowing that ours looks a little different this year. However I think this is the most at ease I have ever felt with a school year approaching. It always felt so unnatural for me to send my babies away to school. The weeks leading up to school I was always a crying mess, anxious about them being gone the whole day, making friends, eating enough, going to the bathroom. All the stuff that every other mama stresses about. We were very blessed with some amazing schools and teachers so I know that all my babies were loved and taken care of but it was still so hard to send them off, and most Sunday nights I was right back to that feeling. Now don't get me wrong there were absolutely days where year round school sounded great! :) but the majority of the time I just missed them like crazy. I know my helicopter momness is to blame for all that but that is just the way I am wired. I know there are some of you who think that is absolutely crazy, and that is no problem at all. :) As my sister always tells me "One goal different paths". We all get to do this parenting gig however our heart tells us to do it so I hope that no one feels like I am getting preachy. That is absolutely not my intention at all! This is just our journey as it is happening and what we are feeling. :) 
I also have received a few emails from people asking how Nathan and I are handling this. On a side note you sweet readers who have contacted me thank you so much for all your encouragement and kind words! I have loved "meeting" all of you!! Okay back to Nathan and I. This has actually been pretty great. Now we do have a great support system but ultimately this is on he and I. This has opened so many deep discussions on our family. What our goals our, what we want for our kids, what we want for he and I. I'm sure for most of you this is normal conversation but for us it's new. I wish we could say we had deep conversations like this all the time but for those of you who know my Husband know he is a man of few words. :) We just didn't make it a priority, until now. The other night we sat down and talked about each kiddo what their strengths and weaknesses were, what character traits we wanted to focus on with them, what our hopes were for them this school year and how we could customize this school year for them. I think moms and dads can see kids differently so it was neat to see how Nathan saw the kids....rather than me telling him what he should see. :) So as of now I would say this has been great for us. Now who knows maybe once real life sets in we will be singing a different tune but I will be sure and keep you all posted! :)

Happy Monday!!  

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