What is inside my purse

July 3, 2015

An easier question might be what isn't in my purse. I haul EVERYTHING in my purses. I also take a diaper bag everywhere that has all the normal baby stuff along with everything else that I can't fit in my purse. I'm a bit of a bag lady, but I'm ok with that. Give me coffee, purses and the occasional new pair of shoes and I'm good! :)

This particular purse is from Maurices. It's big so I can haul all that I need/ want to and it's a has a cross body strap which is essential when you have 4 kids so I can grab on to whoever I need to rather than worrying about my purse. Also the purse strap is great when I need the kids to "get to their spot" I hold Archie on one side and then hold Dakota's hand on the other side, Jaceys holds on to the purse and Colt holds onto Dakota. Everyone is safe and where I can reach them. Ok I have not cleaned out my purse in FOREVER so here we go. 

I wasn't kidding when I said everything Is in my purse.
Starting from the left hand side of the picture on the bottom;
1. Lipstcks an chapstick are ALWAYS in my bag. The Belle one is Jaceys. Then there is the best chapstick in the world! I stole it from my Husband, they have his work logo on them so I don't actually know what is in them but they are great! Then it's a Mary Kay lip gloss in the shade fancy nancy, and the next one is Revlon lip gloss in the shade Rosy Future.
2. My phone,
3. 2 Premier Designs Bracelets, I'm horrible about taking my bracelets and watches off and leaving them in my purse. 
3. Excedrin Migraine, self explanatory with 4 children under the age of 7.
4. Jacey's Library card....I have been looking for that. 
5. Starting at the bottom Deva Curl spray gel. If you have curly hair and aren't using Deva Curl you need to be! This stuff is amazing! 
 6. My glasses case
7. Another Premier Designs bracelet,it is sitting on top of a bag that holds hair clips and bobbi pins.
8. Ice breakers gum
9. Huggies wipes
10. Starting back at the bottom of the picture, my wallet.....I believe is it's a Thirty-one wallet
11. A box of Usborne Activity Cards. These are a must have where ever we go. They are wipe clean cards and great when we are waiting at a doctors appointment, or waiting for someone to get done with an activity. We have a couple different sets so I just switch them out every so often. It comes with 1 dry erase pen but you can fit two pens in the box if you need to. 
12. A toy phone for Archie
13. Archer's current favorite book That's not my Tractor
14. Starting once again at the bottom of the picture it is one of my Premier Designs watches. I absolutely a loving this watch for summer, it is such a fun pop of color!
15. Essential oils (in the yellow bottle). This particular one helps me from turning all Mommy Dearest on my children. :) 
16. Gumdrop Pacifier
17.  The big blue book on the bottom is my planner/brain. If I don't write it down I will never remember it! 
18. The whale book is a journal/notebook for the kids/ grocery list/ random notes, you name it it's in there .
19. The next book is Real moms....Real Jesus. A sweet friend gave it to me a couple years ago, I have read it a couple of times since then but it is nice for some pick me ups though out the day. 
20. Sharpie Pens. My FAVORITE pen ever, and a Pilot pen I let my kids use. 

I didn't take a picture of all  the cracker crumbs and trash in the bottom of my purse but I promise you it's there! 

If you are still reading to the end of this ridiculous long post I applaud you. :)
I am now off to clean out my purse. 

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