July 29, 2015

Challenge 29:
What are some of your fears?
Hands down snakes. I loathe them. Like if I see one the only option really is to burn everything down around it to make sure it's gone. 

Probably my biggest fear is my kids and husband. No I'm not afraid of them...not all the time anyway. :) More afraid something will happen to them. I am consistently worried something bad will happen to them. A mosquito bite turns into a flesh eating disease in no time flat. I check on them three or four times a night just to make sure they are still there and still breathing. I am fairly positive all of them get a rare deadly virus at least once a week. :) I can get a little crazy I know. My poor doctor I know thinks I'm a nut with all the crazy things I'm certain my kids have. And when I'm pregnant lord help us all. I can come up with the most random things to be worried about! I also have to have a game plan for every scenario possible, my Husband thinks I'm crazy but jokes on him he married me! :) 

I also don't like storms. I can handle them during the day but I hate them at night. I hate not being able to see where they are or how they are developing. 

The fear that keeps me up at night would probably be parenting my kiddos.  Constantly thinking that I have completely screwed them up, that I am doing everything wrong and wondering how much therapy they will actually have to have when they are older. :) And how in the world are we going to save for all that therapy!! 

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