Two days in a row!

July 2, 2015

Before I get started on today's challenge I want to say a quick thank you for all the sweet messages and emails I got regarding starting my blog back up.  The fact you all took time out of your busy day to say such sweet things about my little family means a lot, so THANK YOU!!!  

Ok on to the challenge. 

What is my middle name and 
what is the significance?

Well my middle name is Lynn. Just like my mama's middle name, and my two sisters.  My mom wanted us to have her middle name so we would have something of her' we got it. :) Honestly when I was younger I thought for the longest time everyone had their mom's middle names. I realize now they don't. :) 
My children however do have our middle names. The boys have my husband's middle name, Kyle, and Jacey girl is Jacey Lynn just like her mama. And that's it.....that is the scoop on our names. 

In non name related news Colton is finishing up his first season of pitching machine, so before we were completely done I snapped a few pictures. He has grown so much this season and bless his heart he looks to stinkin cute out there!  

Man do baseball boys tug on my heart strings! 

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