July 30, 2015

Today is the last day of the 30 day challenge, I don't know how many of your are still hanging in there but if you are bless your heart! I know we aren't that exciting so thank you for taking time to hear about my little family. I will do the last challenge a little later on in this post put first I thought I would share with you all my kiddos absolute favorite place to be. 

This afternoon we headed down to the Green Property where Nathan used to work. He did all the development for the trails when he was there so the kids are pretty certain that is their park and we are just sharing it with everyone. :)  

I absolutely love that they feel this way. My dad was the manager at the lake back home for 30 years and I remember feeling the exact same way. That lake, the trees, and all the animals at the park were ours. :) I always felt like when we pulled into the park it knew we were there and we had this secret world even though there was other patrons there they didn't know what I knew. They didn't know the stories the trees had to tell, or where the twin fawns liked to hide, or the gnome tree where we left our gum. There was so many secrets in that park and I got have an amazing childhood growing up there. Now my kids have their own secrets of the their own park and I couldn't be happier. 

They come alive as soon as their little toes touch the water. They immediately start checking for tracks to see what friends have been there, looking for the fairy houses they left from the last visit, and finding treasures they just can't live without.  

Sister wore her pretend pink hair because she knew that the fairies and gnomes would like it. 

Dakota spotted a "bear". 

They talked their mama into letting them walk to the little grassy part. Safety first. :)

I sat on the bank with Archer and listened to their secrets for an hour. Who they decided was living in the trees, what kind of house they should make for the snails, how big a rock tower should be so the gnomes could find their way back home. I listened to them teach either how to skip rocks, belly laugh when sister's flip flip floated off down the river, and talk about building a boat from leaves and sticks and heading off for the ocean. 

This might be the only place where these three don't fight. Oh the magic of the woods is a beautiful thing. 

Soon enough this guy will be right in it too. 

Frogs were rescued, 

 A butterfly spotted, 

fairy homes were collected, 

and treasures came home. 

They built a little dam to keep their gnome home safe, 

Dakota found his treasures 

and I tried my best to get a picture where everyone was looking at the camera. At least they all were smiling, and goodness look at those smiles. The magic of the woods I tell ya. :)

They stopped at every branch that was hanging over the trail to sneak underneath and shake the rain water off,

 and I finally got a picture where everyone was looking and smiling. 

And on our way our this guy was there to great us.

Colton said " I knew he would come out! That's the one dad stepped on last time we were here! He wants us to know he is still here!"
I agreed because you can't argue with the secrets of the park. 

Challenge 30:
Why did you start blogging and what is the origin behind your blogs name? 

I started blogging because at the time...
this was our normal. Three under three. I didn't know if I was coming or going and I knew I would never get around to scrapbooking so I thought I could post some pictures and a few lines about our day or funny things that happened and be able to look back on it later. I am so glad that I did. The kids love reading them and I get to see these sweet little faces. When I get a free minute I plan on making each year into a book so we can have a hard copy. As far as how our name came about...a herd is simply what we are. Where one goes many follow. So a Herd of Hemphills we are. 

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