July 12, 2015

Today we went to church, went to the store came home and everyone took a nap until at least 5, a few even slept longer. So after our absolutely, wonderfully nonproductive first half of the day, and knowing that no one is going to bed before 10 due to our naps The Husband decided to do a little cooking with the kiddos. It was funny to hear what "favorites" everyone wanted to make. 
Archie worked hard in the kitchen as well this evening. :)

Colton's pick was to make cinnamon rolls. Nathan worked late all last week, and mostly likely this week as well so the kids loved, and needed a little one on one time.  

I just think the face Dakota makes while working is precious. 

Colt sat up here pretty much the entire time his dough was in the bread machine. 

It's blurry but it is so hard to get a good picture of this sweet boy!

Dakota's pick was to make chocolate chip cookies and be the only one to lick the beaters. 

A quick bath while dad was getting the kitchen cleaned up and ready for round two and the big kids did a little shaving. :)

Rolls are done and ready for the oven.

Archer is still working hard finding his ingredients and I believe Sister is practicing her ballet in the background. 

Now I absolutely love what the boys picked to make but Sister's choice just about did me in. She wanted to make homemade noodles so tomorrow night I could make beef and noodles. It is suppose to be 103 degrees tomorrow! Bless her heart. 

But if you have this much fun making noodles with your Daddy then beef and noodles it is. 

Hope you all had a great Sunday, and it you are wondering it's 10:24 and only the baby is asleep, and not a single one of the other kids is looking tired! 

Challenge 12:
What was your first car?
What is your current vehicle?
The car I drove the most in high school was a blue chevy lumina....but I think I started out with a station wagon. I honestly can't remeber. I know I drove the lumina, but I didn't get until my sophomore year so I'm pretty sure I drove the station wagon before I got that.
I currently drive a town and country van.  

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