Soul Sunday

July 19, 2015

Well it wasn't our typical Sunday morning. Nathan headed out early for work, I had been up most the night with a teething baby, we woke up late, and sadly the thought of trying to get all my babies and myself ready for church sounded to hard so we took an unconventional approach to church today. 

We had a little family church, just lovin on one another,

Just smiling at a baby  

And being in awe of big brothers.

 Working on teamwork, 

and trust. :)

And knowing that big brothers will keep you safe. 

We tried to fit a bunch of love into one picture, it's blurry but it counts!:)

We worked on taking turns, poor Dakota, this one takes some practice. :)

We spent time lovin the breeze in our hair, what little there is. :)

And watching the sun shine down on my babies. 

And being in awe of the proof of prayers being answered. 

Three of His masterpieces created their own masterpiece. 

In swimsuits while playing in the sprinkler. :)

(if you haven't done chalk on a trampoline, do! they had a lot of fun!!)

 We smiled at baby some more, 

  and finally Dakota took my phone to take some pictures of things he thought 
looked "awesome".
The clouds in the sky,

And his mama. Bless his heart. 
Even though we missed church today, I think everyone's soul was fed this morning. :) 

Challenge 19
Post a photo of you in the in the last item of clothing you bought

So the last thing I bought was probably my swim suit. Sorry folks it will be a cold day in hell before I will post a picture of me on the internet in my swim suit. So I guess if you all are dying to see me in my swim suit you will just have to head to the pool. :)
My suit is from Lime Ricki. If you have never checked them out I suggest you do. They are amazing. Now I'm not the skinniest girl in the world and four baby, four c-sections, and nursing four kids has definitely taken its toll, but this suit keeps it all where it's suppose to be! And I don't have to worry about it shifting or parts hanging out that shouldn't be. I'm trying to make sure 4 kiddos don't drown, I don't have time to be worrying about my suit!

This is the top I have and I love it. It has an under wire to keep the girls in place and ruching down the middle to hide everything I don't want out on display. :)

This is the skirt that I have it looks an odd color of navy in this picture but it matches the trim of my top.  This bottom is awesome, it's comes up high to suck my gut in and it doesn't ride up at all so I don't have to worry about my booty hanging out. :) 

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