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July 22, 2015

Summertime feels so different this year. Maybe it's because the three oldest are actually big now and I'm not chasing after three little ones under the age of three, maybe it's because I'm not super pregnant and about to die from the heat, maybe it's because the baby is (knock on wood) actually sleeping at night, or maybe it's because I know changes are coming (more on that later, no I'm not pregnant). :) 

But whatever the reason I want to remember looking out my kitchen window while I make supper and see this boy searching in the garden for a snack, and being able to holler out and ask for him to bring me another zucchini. 

I want to remember walking out my front door seeing this guy digging for dinosaur bones.

I want remember these two taking garden goodies to Granny Great, 

 and hoping to get a package of fruit snacks in return. :)

Or that this has been the summer of homemade bow and arrows. This boy makes them nightly and is getting pretty good at them! This might be my favorite summer our little Herd has had, some "seasons" of our life I'm definitely ready to be out of but this one I'm ok with it taking its time.

Challenge 22:
What is your most prized possession and why?
This one was hard for me, but I think the item that I have that makes me the most happy is a little box I have that holds random things from along my life, letters my dad wrote me while I was in college, notes people wrote us at our wedding, notes from Nathan, special pictures my kids have made me, pictures of me with childhood friends, Colton's teeth (what are you suppose to do with tooth fairy teeth anyway?) a picture of my mom and I in Paris, a picture of my sisters and I when we were little. Just a little box I like to add things to so I can remember  later. 

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