July 5, 2015

Four days in and i already missed a day in the challenge! I went back to my hometown for the 4th and completely forgot about the blog challenge, but I did sneak one in on Friday! 
Real quick I will do the challenges and then I will fill you all in on the fun stuff, our 4th of July!

Challenge 4:
Who or what can't you live without?
Explain why. 

My who is obviously my family. They mean everything to me. This weekend I got to spend time back home with my parent, sisters and even my cousins came down and it was perfect. The only way I can describe it is refreshed. Laughing with my sisters and cousins, watching my parents with my kids, it just filled me up in a way I can't explain. 

My what is two things; chapstick and a hair tie (pony tail holder...whatever you all call it)
A hair tie is always on my wrist and I have chapstick everywhere, in the car, in my purse, pretty much every room of the house, I can't go to sleep at night unless I have chapstick on. It is a complete addiction.

Challenge 5:
Do you collect anything?

Does children count?! :) 
I don't think I really collect anything......
I'm looking around my house to see if there is an abundance of anything, the only thing I can see is a jar of heart shaped rocks. The only reason I have that is because my kids will bring in bucket after buckets of rocks where ever we go so we have limited it to they can only bring heart shaped rocks home. They get to keep their rock collecting going and I get a sweet little piece of love from my kiddos. 

On to the weekend celebrations! This weekend was packed with snow cones, swimming, a 5k with the family ( I didn't participate), food, firecrackers, a fun celebration in the park with the rest of the town, and more food!  I was horrible about taking pictures this weekend so here are the only few I got. 

Colton took first in his race just like his cool cousin who took first in the 5k! Colt was pretty pumped he could tell the big boys he got first! 

My little sister and I.  I'm so excited she is back from Germany and we will be living in the same town! 

My little family waiting for the fireworks to start. The whole town comes out and parks in this field and oohs and aahs over the fireworks together. 

Dakota absolutely loved the fireworks this year! The orange ones were his favorite. :)
It was a great weekend but now I guess it's back to the real world. This mountain of laundry isn't going to wash it's self!   

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