Mama needs a do over

July 7, 2015

When my sisters and I were younger and we were playing a game and it wasn't going your way, or you swung and missed the ball, or if you knew you were about to lose we would yell "DO OVER" and get a restart, as long as my older sister agreed to it. :) I have been screaming "do over" in my head all day today, but can't seem to get the restart I"m needing. I woke up cranky to no ones fault but my own, I can't even blame it on the baby because he actually slept last night. I was just on edge, grumpy, and snapping at the kids for no reason at all. You know you are losing your mind when your 4 year old looks at you with a raised eyebrow as you grumble about the number of dish towels that are in the drawer.  Like even he thinks this mood of yours is foolish.  Or when you are loudly complaining to myself about loading the dishwasher and notice all my sweet children have snuck off downstairs to be away from this crazy lady they call mom. This is the lovely mood I have been fighting all morning until my sweet, sweet, honest baby girl looked me straight in the eye as I was threatening everyone with in an inch of their life that they better stay IN THEIR ROOMS at naptime, she looked me straight in the eye and said " Mama you need some Jesus in your damn heart".  
At first I was shocked, girl has some sassy talk but usually it isn't accompanied by naughty words. I looked her straight in her now very grown up looking five year old eyes and she stared straight back at me and very matter of factly said "well you do", and she was right. I needed some Jesus in my damn heart. Of course I reacted like any good mom would do and started laughing and asked her to say it again, and together we yelled MAMA NEEDS SOME JESUS IN HER DAMN HEART!  And just like that our world, my world got the restart I was needing. So in case anyone else is having an off day I am happy to loan Jacey out so she can tell you to get some Jesus in your damn heart. It is surprisingly powerful coming from a curly headed princess.


7:What do you wear to bed? 
This question is so weird. Yoga pants and a t-shirt, now some of you might say...hmm...didn't you wear that exact outfit to story time....yes....yes I did. Just don't worry about it okay. :)

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