July 10, 2015

Hi All! Sorry I missed yesterday, our internet kept messing up and we just now got it fixed. Nothing to incredibly exciting has been happening here at the Hemphill house. The Husband has been working long hours (thank the Good Lord today is Friday!) so the kids and I have had to get creative to get through the always "entertaining" witching hour when I'm trying to get supper done and everyone needs me and I really just need a bottle of wine. So yesterday we tried an activity that I found on Pinterest. Now first let me warn you 90% of the time whenever I try something off of Pinterest it usually turns out wrong, and since I like to be consistent the Kool-aid Foam looked nothing like it promised to look like! 

The instructions said to pour 1/4 a cup of water with a "hefty" squirt of dish soap into a large bowl and add in a Kool-Aid packet. 

Then mix it for a couple of minutes and it will grow into this marvelous foam that you can't stop touching. I don't know that ours turned out marvelous....but it was foam. 

I mixed up a couple more packets then added in some of our ocean animals and let the big kids play. 

This "can't stop touching" foam lasted about 5 mins before my sweet boys to it to a dark...dark place and started having shark attacks in the red foam......After all of the ocean animals had been murdered and there was only one shark left my kids were over this activity. We were able to kill about 20 minutes with this foam but the real fun part was sending my kids to the bath tub to wash the tub and the animals off. Now remember those hefty squirts of dish soap that we used? I told my children they couldn't be done until all the soap bubbles were gone, 45 minutes later my children returned from the bathroom and I was able to get dinner in the oven.  Would I do this activity again....probably not but I would put a hefty squirt of dish soap in a tub and have my children rise it off. :)

Just because I think he is adorable! 

After everything was cleaned we moved onto playdoh. Now don't let this picture fool you, Archer ate his weight in playdoh and it wasn't long before Dakota started catapulting balls of playdoh at the baby. In case you didn't notice between the massacre of ocean animals and war tactics against siblings I'm pretty awesome at this mom gig. If you ever need advice just let me know! :) 

Now see the yellow figure in the background.....oh yes that would be The Husband. He came home just long enough to get the troops really good and rallied up and then leave them crying fools at the front door. Fun times. 

Challenge 9:
What is one thing you wish you were good at?
Singing. I think that I can sing, I can't. But if I could I would be like Jessica Day on The New Girl and sing EVERYTHING!

Challenge 10:
Name a few of your strengths.
I think I'm a good listener for my friends and family. I like to be there and help them when they have a problem. Next strength.... maybe being a mom, now I'm not saying I'm a great mom at all, I'm not. But being a mom is the only thing that I felt has come naturally to me. I worked hard to be a mediocre student at best, I worked hard just to be a decent athlete. I was not even close to being valedictorian or an all star athlete....okay I didn't want to be the valedictorian, but an all star athlete would have been nice! :) I tried my best but it seemed like everyone else was always catching on to things just a little bit quicker, and better than I was.  Fast forward to becoming a mom, again I'm not saying I'm great at it because I'm not, but I do feel like this is where I'm suppose to be. :) 

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