Happy Saturday!

July 11, 2015

Good morning! Just popping in real quick before I head out for the day. My parents and sister are coming to move my little sister in and hit up some of the sidewalk sales, shopping and family should make for a great day! 

Challenge 11:
Name a few of your weaknesses.
Just a few.....well. I love sweets. Any kind at all, candy, chocolate, cakes, cookies. If there are sweets anywhere near by I will find them and eat them all.  There are sidewalk sales happening in town today and while I am excited to shop, I am more excited at the possibly of there being cotton candy there! Another weakness would be that I worry all the time, about everything. It doesn't matter what it is but I will stress like crazy over it. The little things also drive me nuts. If I don't wake up when i planned to, I mess up a recipe, an activity doesn't go as planned it makes me bonkers and can set off my whole day. Last but not least, shoes. Nothing fancy, no high heels or anything but give me a good pair of converse, toms, running shoes, or a bargain pair from Target and my whole mood will change! 

Well I'm off to town, I hope your Saturday is as happy as this guy eating a cereal bar! 

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