Day 1

July 1, 2015

I have decided to do a 30 day blogging challenge in hopes of actually keeping current with my blog. So now I have you all to keep me accountable and I will actually do it! I plan on throwing in some "normal" blog posts as well but for now here is Day 1 of my challenge. 

1. Put your iPod on shuffle. 
List the first 10 songs that play and 
how you feel about them

Well this is embarrassing I don't actually own and iPod and if I did I can guarantee I would have no idea how to use it or make it shuffle. So my next best thing is to just tell you what 10 songs have been on repeat at my house. We listen to Pandora a bunch at our house. I don't have the TV on much if at all during the day but I like to have some back ground noise while the kids and I go about the day. You know to drown out the whining and fighting that's happening. :) 

While Jacey and I were on a girls date a couple days ago she begged for a Taylor cd. She has recently become a mega fan of Miss Taylor, like asks me a hundred times a day if I can call her, and who her mom is, and maybe Taylor's mom and I can be friends then I can invite Taylor to her next birthday mega fan.  Bless her. 
So how do I feel about this song? I like it, I don't mind Taylor and Jacey doesn't sing the words right so it's cute to hear all the random things she decided to sing.

Same as number one, it's catchy and fun. 

This is currently Colton's favorite some. Bless his heart he belts it out. When he is having a bad day or in a mood i turn this on his arms and legs start dance and the giggles start rolling out. So this song puts a smile on my face when it comes purely for the fact that it makes my boy so happy. 

Who doesn't like this song! So far it hasn't gotten old at our house and it is played a bunch! 
Also my husband has some pretty sweet dance moves when it comes on!! 

I was scanning the radio stations while we were in the car about a week ago and this song came on and Dakota had a fit when I kept scanning. I went back and he sang THE ENTIRE SONG! I have never heard this song before so I have no idea where he has been listening to it but man can he sing it!

I myself am currently on a Kacey Musgraves  kick. I just like her. I like to sing her songs super loud like I can actually carry a tune. I can't by the way.  

Again just another one I like to listen to when I'm doing dishes..... 

Or when I'm folding laundry. 

This was one I remember singing in Sunday school when I was little so I'm trying to teach it to my kids. So far we have got the two lines down. :)

Now there is some language in this song but my goodness it's funny. It is 100% what is currently happening in my life right now. If you haven't listen to this yet check it out, especially if you thought you were kinda cool in your 20's and now your 30 and a mom of 4. 

This one is just an oldie but a goodie. My mom would sing Landslide to us when we were little so it only seems fair that I would make my kids suffer through my singing on this one also. 

There you have it, some of the songs that are playing in the Hemphill house. 
I have copied the Challenge down below so if anyone else would like to try it. It's just a fun one I found on Pinterest. 

One more thing, I will link this one to my Facebook today  but I am fairly positive no one wants my blog popping up on their newsfeed for 30 days so just be sure and check back here! 

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