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July 8, 2015

So yesterday I open up my computer and my friend Allie -okay I have actually never met her and only talked to her once but I'm going to go ahead and pretend she is my friend, if you can put me in check this good then you are automatically my friend- anyway I opened up my computer and this post that Allie had written was waiting for me. 

(Allie I hope I linked this correctly, I'm new to the blogging world and have no clue how all this works! I apologize if I did it wrong!!!)

I read it and I couldn't get it off my mind all day. It was a gut check that was almost painful, but in an amazing way. When I read this it seemed as if it was directed exactly at me.  I thought about this post all day yesterday along with another thought that popped into my head. Why is my Husband whom I love more than anyone else in this world the same person who I criticize more than anyone else?  
Some days I talk kinder to the stranger on the street than I do to the man I married. Bless his heart there has been more come to Jesus talks over leaving his dirty socks on the living room floor than either of us would like to admit to. :)
I am telling you all this because it plays into my challenge for today.

Challenge 8:
Write about something that makes you smile. 

Now it doesn't make me smile that I have been a selfish brat to my Husband, but the thought of a good challenge does. Telling me I can't do something sends a fire though my veins. Now, sweet little Allie said nothing of the sort but when I read that post I knew I could do better.  I should do better. So I am challenging myself  to the "Don't be an asshole to your Husband" challenge. Catchy title isn't it! :) So either we will turn out stronger or I will self combust from all the catty thoughts that are running though my head!  Lord give me strength for those damn dirty socks! 

Stay tuned! 

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